This website has been updated for 2017.

Hi, I'm Cheryl and I got hooked on daylilies in 2001.    My husband Jim and I live in New Richmond, Ohio, which is a Zone 6 garden.

Hope you enjoy browsing my site.  Please be sure to email me at regarding availability before sending any payments.

Please be advised that June 1st  will be my last digging date, until Fall shipping season begins in late September.  Please give your payment time to clear before my shipping season ends.  :0)

Ohio residents are required to pay 6.5% sales tax on the cost of plants ordered, unless they have an active vendor license.

Happy Gardening!   :0)

If you see anything that you're interested in and it's not priced yet, please email me, as I may be able to spare enough for you.  :0)    Pricing is for double fans unless otherwise noted as single or S.

Shipping cost:  $9 for the first plant, then an additional $1.50  for each plant shipped at the same time. 
I use U.S. Priority Mail for shipping.  Everyone has been having issues with delayed deliveries with USPS for over a year now.  Hopefully they, as well as everything else are better in 2021  :0)

Payment methods: Checks and Money Orders
Personal Paypal payments will be accepted,  as long as there aren't  any fees for me to accept payment.   If fees are charged, you the buyer agree to pay them.

Please Make check pr Money Order payable to Cheryl Day

Send payment to:

Cheryl Day
2742 Case Road
New Richmond, Ohio 45157

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Use the button labeled Listing by Hybridizer,  if you wish to see my list alphabetized by "Hybridizer's  name". 

I ONLY HAVE THE VARITIES SHOWN ON MY ALPHABETIZED PAGES.  WHEN I SELLL OUT OF A DAYLILY,. I DELETE THEM ON THOSE PAGES.  I rarely delete them from my listing and hybridizer listing page, so if the daylily that you're looking for isn't on the alphabetized pages any longer, that means that i am completely sold out.

I have added a My Munson collection button also, for you Munson Maniacs, like myself.  To date I have over 590 Munson cultivars.
I've revised my Munson Collection page to include a list with a link to my photo album of My Munsons which currently has over 400 photos.  I'll be adding more photos as I acquire them.  :0)

I've been slowly working on a Data listing of all of Munson cultivars that were intro'd. 
If you see any missing that you know of please email me and I'll add it to my Munson Data list.

Welcome to  I hope you enjoy my website. 
I 'm a  member of the AHS.   (American Hemorocallis Society)

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Check out my new revised Munson collection page.   Hope you like it!   :0)
What some of the abbreviations in the Descriptions mean:

Numbers are plant's height and flower size.

M or mid:   mid season bloomer
Re:              Reblooms
L or La:       late blooming
fra :             fragrant
dbl :            double flower
ext :            EXTENDED FLOWERING (or EXTENDED BLOOM): Flowers that remain open 16 hours or more.
noc :             A flower that opens sometime after late day and remains open during the night and perhaps all or part of the following day
Ev :              means evergreen foilage habit
Sev :              means semi evergreen foilage habit
Dor :              means dormant foilage habit

If you would like to hybridize your own flowers someday  You will need pollen from a tet to put on another tet, and a dip's pollen on a dip.

Dip or Tet   refer to the plants chromosome structure.
Daylily chromosomes come in sets of eleven. Cells of diploid daylilies contain 22 chromosomes (two sets). Triploids contain 33 (three sets), and tetraploids contain 44 (four sets). Because the chromosomes in a nucleus must divide in half to form ova and pollen, triploids, with an odd number of chromosomes, are usually sterile.
Definition of CHROMOSOME:  
1.) The self-replicating genetic structures of cells containing the cellular DNA.

2.) One of a definite number of minute bodies in the cell nucleus of all plants and animals through which characteristics are inherited.

My new Deer Fence has worked wonders, and we had more blooms than ever before. 

I took many photos during peak bloom, but this one was my favorite of all.  I had a 16x20" poster made up of this particular shot, and have it framed and hung in my Dining Room, where I can enjoy it all Winter long. 
I'll resume listing plants on the Lily auction again after Thanksgiving, for Spring shipment.  And then again in August, if time allows, for Fall shipments beginning in late September thru October.

Thanks so much again,  to all of my repeat customers.  :0)

HFI or D or display means that the plant is either new to my garden or is being held for increase.

Photos shown below are some of our family.  4 granddaughters and 6 kitties!!   :0)
Alphabetized Buttons have been updated for 2022 Season
Here is a photo of my backyard garden (not the whole inventory) :0)  I took this photo from a tree trimmer bucket, when they were cutting down our diseased Ash Tree. :0(
This is a seedling that I purchased from Dan Bachman  Marilyn Grua X Jazz at the wool club. I love this!!