This is a data listing for Munson daylilies.  There are also some cultivars that were hybridized by Ida Munson on it, as well.   This listing is  a database of Munsons, I don't have all of these,  although I wish I did.  :0)

If you notice any cultivars missing from this list, please let me know and I'll add it.  This list isn't nearly complete yet. 
So far I am up to the R's. 

Thanks!    :0)

  1. ABIDING ANGEL                             MUNSON RW 1967          violet purple darker band yellow green throat       TET    
  2. ABBOT'S ROBE                      MUNSON RW 1974  TET    
  3. AFGHANISTAN              MUNSON RW 1971  TET         cinnamon honey tan self yellow throat    
  4. ABSALON                        MUNSON RW               1974GRE    
  5. AFRICAN GRAPE                  MUNSON RW               1991RED     199328ML re6         EV TETclaret burgundy     chalky ez    
  6. AFTERNOONS QUIET               MUNSON RW               1969YEL         30M  re7         SEVDIPyellow self         gr thr              frag
  7. AGA KHAN                   MUNSON RW 1978         TET    
  8. Agnes of Alascow??    
  9. AISHA                          MUNSON RW               1978GRE     197924EM re6         EV TETpeach rose self     gold apricot thr    
  10. ALABASTER CLOUD                MUNSON RW             1991RED         32EM   6         EV TETcream self          chart thr           frag
  11. ALENE CONSTANCE FLEISHEL          MUNSON RW 1968         DIP    
  12. ALL THAT JAZZ                  MUNSON RW               1978GRE         20M    4.5       SEVTETred w ivory edges   gold thr    
  13. ALTAMIRA                       MUNSON RW               1987BLU     198818EM re6         EV TETpink iv lav self    gr yell thr    
  14. ALVATINE TAYLOR                MUNSON RW        1982GRE     198230EM re6         EV TETivory pink beige    cream yell thr      frag
  15. ALVATINE TAYLOR YATES          MUNSON RW            1996UNK     199621ML re4.5       EV TETorchid lavender selfivory cream thr
  16. AMAZON MOTH                      MUNSON RW 1957    DIP    DIP
  17. AMBER BALLERINA                MUNSON RW 1982      DIP    DIP
  18. AMBER LAMP                      MUNSON RW 1980        DIP    DIP
  19. AMBER SUNSET        MUNSON 1992    
  20. AMBERSON                  MUNSON RW 1964       DIP    DIP
  21. ANGUILLA                               MUNSON RW 2000      TET    
  22. ANNA MARIE CONCERTO            MUNSON RW   1995UNK     199530EM re7     EV TETpeach melon cream   blend russet ez     frag
  23. ANTE BELLUM                       MUNSON RW 1961           DIP    DIP
  24. ANTIQUE SILVER                 MUNSON RW               1991RED         26ML re5         EV TETpale pewter self    chart thr           frag
  25. ANYA                                 MUNSON RW 1966      TET    
  26. APACHE DRUMS                    MUNSON RW 1952    DIP    DIP
  27. APOLLODORUS                    MUNSON RW               1985BLU     198528ML   4.5       EV TETviolet purple self  cream yell thr    
  28. APOLLO'S CHARIOT               MUNSON RW               1989RED         32M  re5         SEVTETdark red self       gr orange thr    
  29. APRICOT SHERBET                MUNSON RW               1977GRE         16M  re5         EV TETapricot self        gold thr            frag
  30. APRICOT WAX                    MUNSON RW               1983GRE     198330EM re6         EV TETapricot self        gr gold thr         frag
  31. ARABIAN SANDS                  MUNSON RW 1973          TET    
  32. ARCHDUKE                          MUNSON RW 1973     TET    
  33. ARISTOCRACY                      MUNSON RW 1959                DIP    DIP
  34. Armani   Munson RW  1990   gold self with green throat Emid,evr,tet    
  35. ARMAUI    
  36. ARTISTRY                        MUNSON RW 1962      DIP    DIP
  37. ASHLEY                                  MUNSON RW 1996              TET    
  38. AISIA MINOR                          MUNSON RW 1965            TET    
  39. ASIAN ARTISTRY                 MUNSON I         1976GRE     197626M  re4.5       SEVTETmauve lav w chalky  lav band & cr thr   frag
  40. ASIAN DAWN                          MUNSON RW 1967                    DIP    DIP
  41. ASIAN EMPEROR                  MUNSON RW        1980GRE         26M  re5         EV TETmauve lavender w    chalky lav band     frag
  42. ASIAN PHEASANT                 MUNSON RW               1976GRE     197828EM re6         EV TETrusset w purple ez  yell thr    
  43. ASIAN SKY                      MUNSON RW               1994UNK     199430EM re6         EV TETlav lilac pink      bitone    
  44. ASIAN VIOLET                   MUNSON RW        1980GRE     198228EM re5         SEVTETviolet w chalky     violet ez cream thr    
  45. ASIAN WEALTH                   MUNSON RW               1984BLU         30EM re5         SEVTETplum violet self    yell gr thr    
  46. ASTARTE                        MUNSON RW               1972YEL         26EM re5         EV TETiv cr pink blend    chart thr           frag
  47. AUDACIOUS                    MUNSON RW 1963                DIP    DIP
  48. AUTUMN VERMILLION              MUNSON RW 1975              TET    
  49. AUTUMN VESPERS                  MUNSON RW 1971             TET    
  50. AVA                            MUNSON RW               1995UNK         30M  re5.5       EV TETorchid self w cream orchid ez    
  51. AVIANCE         MUNSON    
  52. AVIGNON       Magenta Rose self with cream throat                         MUNSON RW 1969               TET    
  53. AVOURNEEN             MUNSON RW 1962            DIP    
  54. AZTEC AUTUMN                   MUNSON RW               1969YEL         22M    5         SEVTETorange coral amber  peach blend    
  55. AZTEC PRINCE                   MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198628EM re6         EV TETorange amber coral  blend yell gr thr
  56. AZTEC SUN                      MUNSON RW               1984BLU         24M  re6         EV TETyellow self         frag    
  57. BABYLON                               MUNSON RW 1974                  TET    
  58. BAHAMA ROYALE     tan self with gold throat              MUNSON RW 1983                 TET    
  59. BALALAIKA      pale pink with rose halo and cream throat                          MUNSON RW 1969                 TET    
  60. BALLENTREA                     MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198632ML   5         EV TETrose salmon self    yell thr    
  61. BALLET                               MUNSON RW 1989               TET    
  62. BALLET MASTER                  MUNSON RW               1989RED     199124M  re6         EV TETorchid lavender selfcream thr    
  63. BALLET MUSIC                   MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198518M  re4.5       EV TETpale pink self      yell gr thr    
  64. BALLET SUITE      violet rose red with chalky violet rose eyezone t MUNSON RW  1995UNK     199518M  re6.5       EV TETviolet rose red     chalky viol rose ez frag    
  65. BARBADOS                       MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197624EM re4.5       EV TETcream brushed pink  yell thr    
  66. BARCELONA SUMMER            MUNSON RW 1980           TET    
  67. BARONESS                              MUNSON RW 1978                   TET    
  68. BARONET'S BADGE                MUNSON RW               1984BLU         30EM re5         EV TETiv pch sh lt plum   claret  plum ez
  69. BAROQUE                             MUNSON RW 1962                 DIP    DIP
  70. BARRISTER                      MUNSON RW               1991RED         20ML   5         DORTETred self            yell gr thr    
  71. BEDAZZLING                     MUNSON RW           1986BLU         26EM re6         EV TETflesh pink self     yell gr thr         frag   ext
  72. BEIJING                        MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198724M  re5         EV TETpale flesh self     cream yell thr    
  73. BEIJING BALLET   yellowish pike melon self with narrow gold edging     MUNSON RW199624M  re5.5       EV TETyell pink melon self narrow gold edging  frag    
  74. BELGIUM CHATEAU               MUNSON RW 1994                 TET    
  75. BELGRAVIA                           MUNSON RW 1962                   DIP    DIP
  76. BELLE DE JOUR                       MUNSON RW 1980                   TET    
  77. BELLISSIMO                     MUNSON RW               1969YEL     197126EM re6         EV TETpink & peach blend  gold thr    
  78. BELOVED BALLERINA              MUNSON RW      1983GRE         28EM re6         SEVTETivory pink beige    blend lemon cr thr  frag
  79. BENCHMARK                      MUNSON RW      1980GRE     198230M  re6         EV TETlavender self       cream thr           frag    
  80. BENEDICT                       MUNSON RW               1995UNK     199528EM re5         EV TETred rose w lighter  chalky rose ez    
  81. BENIDORN                       MUNSON RW               1989RED     199128EM re6         SEVTETmahogany red self   yell gr thr    
  82. BERMUDA DAWN                   MUNSON RW   1986BLU         24M  re6         EV TETrose pink self      cr thr     ext.               
  83. BERMUDA ICE                   MUNSON RW 1969            DIP                    DIP
  84. BERTIE PIPER FERRIS          MUNSON RW 1982           TET    
  85. BERYL                          MUNSON RW               1989RED     199320M  re5         EV TETcream white self    gr thr              frag
  86. BETTY HUDSON                   MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197624EM re5         EV TETice orchid pink     mauve    
  87. BETTY WARREN WOODS             MUNSON RW       1987BLU         24EM re4.5       EV TETcream yellow self   gr thr              frag
  88. BIARRITZ                       MUNSON RW          1982GRE         26EM re6         EV DIPyellow flesh pink   blend yell gr thr   frag    
  89. BISHOP'S CREST                 MUNSON RW               1973YEL         40M    6         EV TETsilver mauve        purple band    
  90. BLANC DE COUBERT            MUNSON RW 2000                   TET    
  91. BLITHE MORNING                  MUNSON RW 1955                 DIP    DIP
  92. BLUSHING CONTESSA              MUNSON RW               1983GRE         30M  re5         EV TETrose pink self      yell gr thr    
  93. BLUSHING DAWN                  MUNSON RW          1983GRE         24M  re6         SEVTETcream pink blend    cr gr thr           frag
  94. BLUSHING LEMON                 MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198624EM re6         EV TETpale cr pink & yell blend cream thr
  95. BOMBAY LEMON                  MUNSON    
  96. BOOKMARK                       MUNSON RW               1982GRE         24EM re5         EV TETpink beige self     yell gr thr    
  97. BORGIA POPE                    MUNSON RW               1991RED         26EM re5         EV TETclaret red          lt rose pink ez     fra
  98. BORGIA QUEEN                   MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198726ML re5         EV TETsilver lav mauve    slate blue ez    
  99. BOTECILLI                               MUNSON    
  100. BRANDENBURG                    MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198520EM re6         EV TETorchid lilac self   gr thr    
  101. BRAZILIAN ORANGE               MUNSON RW         1989RED     199220EM re5         SEVTETorange self         gold gr thr         frag
  102. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S         MUNSON RW   1986BLU     198730M  re6         EV TETpink w chalky pink  ez cream thr         ext
  103. BRIDAL SATIN                           MUNSON RW 1959   DIP    DIP
  104. BRIGHT CLOUDS                      MUNSON RW 1967            DIP    DIP
  105. BRIGHT PAVILION                MUNSON RW               1990RED         18EM re5         EV TETvermilion red self  yell gr thr    DIP
  106. BUDAPEST                  MUNSON RW 1971                  DIP    
  107. BUDDHIST FLAME                 MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197628M  re4.25      EV TETorange coral self    
  108. BUENOS AIRES                   MUNSON RW               1989RED     199032EM re6         EV TETrose red w yell &   chalky rose ez
  109. Burmese Amber Munson RW 1978  amber self with orange throat 24,5, mid,evr,tet    
  110. BURMESE BUDDHA                 MUNSON RW           1984BLU     198532EM re6         EV TETgold self                               frag
  111. BURMESE SUNLIGHT               MUNSON RW       1984BLU     198618EM re6         EV TETyellow pink blend   yell gr thr         frag
  112. BYZANTINE                               MUNSON RW 1963                  DIP    DIP
  113. BYZANTINE BEAUTY                MUNSON    
  114. BYZANTINE EMPEROR              MUNSON RW          1977GRE     197730EM re6         SEVTETburgundy w purple ezyell thr    
  115. BYZANTINE MASK                 MUNSON RW          1983GRE     198324EM re6         EV TETpale mauve w deep   plum ez cream thr
  116. CABALETTA                            MUNSON RW 1963                 DIP    DIP
  117. CABALETTA GOLD                 MUNSON RW          1991RED     199328EM re6         EV TETgold self           gold gr thr         frag
  118. CABARET                                MUNSON RW 1978               TET    
  119. CABARET GOLD  Munson RW 1991  gold self with gold green throat    DIP
  120. CACCIA                         MUNSON RW               1991RED         20EM re5         EV TETpink self           gr thr    
  121. CADIZ                          MUNSON RW               1984BLU         20M  re5         EV TETgold yellow self    gold thr            frag    
  122. CAIRO NIGHT                    MUNSON RW        1986BLU         26EM re6         EV TETblack purple        chalky purple ez           ext
  123. CALAIS                         MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198728EM re6         EV TETlav lilac self      yell gr thr    
  124. CALIPHS ROBES                  MUNSON RW               1982GRE     198128M  re6         EV TETmauve w plum ez     yell gr thr    
  125. CALVADOS                       MUNSON RW           1986BLU         28EM re6         SEVTETyellow touched pink chart thr           frag
  126. CAMBYSIS                    MUNSON RW 1973             TET    
  127. CAMEROONS                      MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198828M  re5         EV TETclaret self         yell gr thr    
  128. CANDIDA                              MUNSON RW 1962                  DIP    DIP
  129. CANDYLAND                      MUNSON RW           1996UNK     199624M  re5         EV TETpale pink rose self light chart thr     frag
  130. CANNES                         MUNSON RW               1984BLU         36EM re6         EV TETcream pink self     cream gr thr    
  131. CANTON COPPER                  MUNSON RW               1982GRE     198230ML   6         SEVTETbrt pink copper selfgold thr    
  132. CANTON HARBOR                  MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198732EM re5            TETcopper coral self   gold gr thr    
  133. CAPELLA LIGHT                  MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198230EM   6         EV TETyellow self         chart thr    
  134. CAPISTRANO BELLS               MUNSON RW               1984BLU         38ML re5.5       EV TETcream pink self     yell thr    
  135. CAPTIVATING                             MUNSON RW 1953                   DIP    DIP
  136. CARAMEL GLAZE                       MUNSON RW 1986                        TET    
  137. CAREFREE WONDER                MUNSON RW               1991RED         18EM re6         EV TETrose pink self      gr thr    
  138. CAROLYN HENDRIX                MUNSON RW               1987BLU         26M  re5         SEVTETrose red self       yell gr thr    
  139. CARRIAGE AMBER                 MUNSON RW               1967YEL         24ML   7         EV DIPamber cream self    gr thr    
  140. CARTIER'S GEM                  MUNSON RW               1989RED     199232EM re6         EV TETivory pink blend    iv pink cr thr    
  141. CARVED CAMEO                   MUNSON I          1971YEL         26M  re4.5       EV DIPflesh pink self     cr gr thr                  ext
  142. CASA BELLA                     MUNSON RW         1984BLU     198624EM re6         EV TETivory apricot self  gr thr              frag    
  143. CASHALLA                           MUNSON RW 1952               DIP    DIP
  144. CASTLE ROUGE                MUNSON RW 1984                    TET    
  145. CAVATINA                       MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198026EM re5         EV TETrose red self       yell thr    
  146. CAYNAN SUNSET                 MUNSON RW 1989                 TET    
  147. CELEBRATION                     MUNSON RW 1962                     DIP    DIP
  148. CELLINI GOLD                   MUNSON RW             1976GRE         27M  re7         SEVTETgold self                               frag    
  149. CELTIC DAWN                    MUNSON RW               1990RED     199320EM re6.5       EV TETcopper peach blend  gr gold thr    
  150. CESARE BORGIA                  MUNSON RW               1984BLU         20EM re6         EV TETrose red self       yell gr thr    
  151. CEZANNE                        MUNSON RW           1966RED 49  TR  24EM re7         EV TETpeach overlaid rose poly gold gr thr    
  152. CEZANNE                        MUNSON RW       1966YEL 94  tra 26ML   5.5       EV DIProse amber blend    gold thr    
  153. CHABLIS BLANC                  MUNSON RW       1980GRE         30EM re6         EV TETcream self          gr thr              frag    
  154. CHALEUR                        MUNSON RW             1989RED     199224M  re6         EV TETorchid lilac self   cream thr    
  155. CHAMONIX                       MUNSON RW               1979GRE     197930EM re6         EV TETrose pink           yell gr thr    
  156. CHAMPAGNE AFTERNOON          MUNSON RW  1995UNK     199520M  re5         EV TETyell shaded amber   pink blend          frag
  157. CHAMPAGNE ROYALE            MUNSON RW     1978GRE     198032ML   7         SEVTETlavender w gold edgelav cream ez        fra
  158. CHAMPS ELYSEES                MUNSON RW 1976                    TET    
  159. CHANCELLOR'S GOLD             MUNSON RW 2001                  TET    
  160. CHANDIGARH                     MUNSON RW           1974GRE     197532M  re7         EV TETorchid lavender     silver lav blue band
  161. CHANGEABLE SILK                MUNSON RW               1972YEL         28EM re6         EV TETpink rose blend     cream thr    
  162. CHANSONETTE          MUNSON RW 1962                    DIP    DIP
  163. CHANTAL                        MUNSON RW               1989RED     199026EM re4.5       EV TETlt lilac pink self  lt yell thr    
  164. CHANTILLY PINK                 MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198724EM re5         EV TETpastel pink self    gr thr    
  165. CHANUTE                        MUNSON RW               1970YEL     197130M    7         DORDIPlt cream yell self  deeper thr    
  166. CHARISMA                       MUNSON RW 1968                   DIP    DIP
  167. CHARLES HAMIL                 MUNSON RW 1975                    TET    
  168. CHARNWOOD                        MUNSON RW 1991                    TET    
  169. CHARTWELL                      MUNSON RW         1976GRE     197730EM re6         SEVTETgrape self w cream  gold thr            frag
  170. CHATEAU BLANC                  MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197828M  re5         EV TETivory white self    yell thr    
  171. CHATEAU DEFLEUR                MUNSON RW               1991RED     199226EM re5.5       EV TETlavender self       gr to yell thr
  172. CHATEAU ROSE                    MUNSON RW 1958                   DIP                         DIP
  173. CHATEAURAUX                    MUNSON RW               1989RED         24EM re5         EV TETcream pink self     cream gr thr    
  174. CHERBOURG                      MUNSON RW           1974GRE     197630EM re6         EV TETpale peach rose selfyell gr thr         frag
  175. CHERISHED TREASURE       MUNSON RW            1991RED     199330EM re6         EV TETyell peach self     yell gr thr         frag
  176. CHERRY CHAPEAU                 MUNSON RW            1983GRE         28EM re5         EV TETrose red & pink     bicolor lemon cr thr
  177. CHEYENNE AUTUMN                  MUNSON RW 1983                      TET    
  178. CHEYENNE SKIES (HFI)new plant        MUNSON RW               1988BLU         20M  re5         EV TETpink shaded rose    lt cr pink ez    
  179. CHINA BLUSH                         MUNSON RW 1977                           TET    
  180. CHINA DAWN                     MUNSON RW               1993RED         24EM re5.5       EV TETpink self           yell gr thr         frag
  181. CHINA FROST                    MUNSON RW               1974GRE         28M  re5         EV TETivory mauve blend   cream thr    
  182. CHINA GEM                      MUNSON RW      1987BLU         24EM re5         EV TETbeige pink mauve    iv w flesh bicolor         ext
  183. CHINA LAKE                     MUNSON RW               1982GRE         28EM re6         SEVTETplum rose lilac     cream thr    
  184. CHINA MOTH                     MUNSON RW        1969YEL         27EM re7         EV DIPcream touched pink  lime thr                   ext
  185. CHINA SILK                     MUNSON RW               1979GRE         22M  re5         EV TETcream pink blend    yell gr thr
  186. CHINA SNOW                     MUNSON RW               1992RED         28EM re5         EV TETivory white self    chart thr           frag
  187. CHINA SUN                      MUNSON RW               1982GRE 83  dup 24EM re6         EV TETpale yellow w tints of gold & flesh
  188. CHINA SUN                      MUNSON RW             1973YEL 101 dup 36M  re7         EV TETyellow w peach      yell gold thr       frag
  189. CHINA VEIL                     MUNSON RW               1989RED     199130EM re6         EV TETpink & lilac on     ivory w cr gr thr   frag
  190. CHINATOWN                      MUNSON RW        1980GRE     198122M  re5         DORTETred self            gr yell thr                   dbl
  191. CHINESE AUTUMN                 MUNSON RW               1973GRE     197426M  re6         EV TETcoral orange blend  pale apricot thr
  192. CHINESE CLOISONNE              MUNSON RW               1974GRE 84  tra 26EM re5         EV TETpeach mauve         mauve rose ez
  193. CHINESE CLOISONNE              MUNSON I                1974BLU 53  TR  26EM re5         EV TETpeach ivory w slate ez gr gold thr
  194. CHINESE KITE                   MUNSON RW               1982GRE         20EM re7         EV TETorchid lilac blend  cr lilac ez
  195. CHINESE LEMON               MUNSON RW    1989RED     199318EM re7         SEVTETlemon yellow self   yell thr            frag
  196. CHINESE PAPER LANTERNS      MUNSON RW        1997UNK         20EM re6         EV TETrose amber self     chart thr           frag
  197. CHINESE PAVILION               MUNSON RW          1974GRE     197628EM re6         EV TETpeach pink self     yell thr            frag
  198. CHINESE PEPPERPOT              MUNSON RW               1991RED         24ML re5.5       SEVTETscarlet self        orange gr thr
  199. CHINESE POET                          MUNSON RW 1976                   TET
  200. CHINESE PRINCESS               MUNSON RW          1979GRE     197928EM re6         EV TETpastel pink self    yell gr thr         frag
  201. CHINESE SCRIBE                 MUNSON RW               1991RED         24M  re5         EV TETpurple w pale lav ezyell gr thr
  202. CHINESE TEMPLE FLOWER          MUNSON I       1980GRE     198024EM re5         EV TETlilac w purple ez   gr thr              frag
  203. CHINESE UMBRELLA               MUNSON RW               1991RED         22M  re6         EV TETpale rose pink      deep rose ez
  204. CHINESE WATERCOLOR           MUNSON I        1978GRE     197830EM re6         EV TETmauve w chalky mauve& pewter ez
  205. CHING MING                           MUNSON RW 1969                     TET
  206. CHITTAGONG                     MUNSON RW               1973YEL         30EM re5.5       EV TETpeach rose wine     blend w halo
  207. CHOIR MASTER                   MUNSON RW               1983GRE         20EM re5         SEVTETpurple w yell ez    cr gr thr
  208. CINNAMON WINE                  MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28EM re5         SEVTETviolet plum darker  ez yell gr thr
  209. CITY OF LIGHTS                 MUNSON RW               1990RED     199220ML re6         EV TETlemon self          gr yell thr         frag
  210. CLARENCE WILLIAMS         MUNSON RW             1982GRE         28EM re6         EV TETclaret self         gr gold thr             noc
  211. CLEMENCEAUX                           MUNSON
  212. COCO CHANEL                        MUNSON RW 1991              TET
  213. COLLECTORS CHOICE              MUNSON RW               1991RED     199228EM re6         EV TETraisin plum self    yell gr thr
  214. COMANCHE DRUMS              MUNSON RW      1980GRE     198022EM re6         EV TETamber tan self      yell thr            frag
  215. COMMISSAR                      MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198326ML re5         DORTETorange red self     gr yell thr
  216. COMTESSINA                    MUNSON RW        1978RED 58  TR  16EM re4.5       EV TETlav chart blend                         frag    
  217. COMTESSINA                   MUNSON RW       1978GRE 90  tra 18M  re4         EV TETivory white self    lemon lime thr      frag    
  218. CONCERT MASTER                 MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28EM re5         EV TETpurple w chalky violez yell gr thr
  219. CONCERTO DE AMORE'             MUNSON RW               1995UNK         28M  re6         EV TETivory lilac blend   pale pink rose ez
  220. CONCUBINE                              MUNSON    
  221. CONNIE JONES                      MUNSON RW 1980                     TET    
  222. COOKIE CUTTER                    MUNSON RW 1964                       DIP    DIP
  223. COPPER DAWN                    MUNSON RW               1988BLU         32M  re6         EV TETpeach copper self   yell gr thr    
  224. CORAL MOON                     MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28M  re5         EV TETcoral self          apricot thr         frag
  225. CORAL ROCK                     MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198420EM re6         EV TETpale coral self     gr gold thr    
  226. CORAL SUNSET                   MUNSON RW               1991RED         26EM re6         EV TETcoral apricot self  orange lime thr
  227. CORALYNN JANE KING             MUNSON RW               1990RED     199320M  re6         DORTETviolet purple chalkyviolet ez    
  228. CORDON ROUGE                   MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197426EM re5         EV TETrose self           cream gold thr
  229. CORDOVA GOLD                   MUNSON RW               1990RED         20EM re6         SEVTETorange gold self    gold gr thr    
  230. CORELLI                        MUNSON RW               1986BLU         18M  re5         EV TETcr yell pink self   yell gr thr         frag   ext
  231. CORFU                          MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198830EM re5         EV DIPviolet lav w chalky lav ez yell gr thr    
  232. COTE D'OR                      MUNSON RW               1984BLU         20M  re6         EV TETyellow self         gr thr              frag    
  233. COTOPAXI                       MUNSON RW               1989RED     199328ML re5         DORTETorange amber & cr   amber bicolor
  234. COURT MAGICIAN            MUNSON RW               1987BLU     198826EM re5         EV TETpurple w chalky     lilac ez yell gr thr
  235. COURT NOBLE                    MUNSON RW               1973YEL         32M  re6         EV TETcoral peach rose    yell thr            frag
  236. COURTLY DANCE              MUNSON RW 1969                         TET    
  237. COVENTRY COURT             MUNSON RW 1968                         TET    
  238. COZUMEL                        MUNSON RW               1991RED         26EM re4.5       EV TETsalmon red self     chart thr    
  239. CRANBERRY CHALICE         MUNSON I                1976GRE     197624EM re4.5       EV TETcranberry self      yell thr    
  240. CREME BRULEE                   MUNSON RW         1974GRE     197732M  re6         SEVTETcream amber poly    yell thr            frag
  241. CRISTOFORI'S DREAM           MUNSON RW               1989RED         20EM re5         SEVTETcream pink blend    gr thr    
  242. CRITICS CHOICE                 MUNSON RW         1962GRE 96  TR  32EM re6         EV TETrose pink w yell    pink halo           frag
  243. CRITICS CHOICE                 MUNSON RW               1962YEL 118 tra 30M              EV DIPgold flesh w lilac  stripes    
  244. CROWN COTILLION                MUNSON RW               1973GRE         28M  re8         EV DIPmedium pink &       cream bicolor    
  245. CROWN OF OBERON            MUNSON RW               1989RED         18EM re6         EV TETivory pink self     chart thr           frag
  246. CROWNING TOUCH                MUNSON RW 1959                     DIP    DIP
  247. CRYSTAL CHIMES                   MUNSON RW 1969                       TET    
  248. CRYSTAL TEMPLE                 MUNSON RW           1989RED         28M  re5         EV TETnear white self     chart thr           frag
  249. CRYSTAL TIARA                   MUNSON RW 1978                               TET    
  250. CURIOSITY SHOP                 MUNSON RW        1974RED 64  TR  29EM re5         SEVTETivory cr edged      brown               frag
  251. CURIOSITY SHOP                 MUNSON RW               1974GRE 97  tra 24M  re5         EV TETivory peach w burg  ruby ez ivory thr
  252. CZARINA                        MUNSON RW               1974GRE         22EM re6         EV TETapricot yellow self apricot thr         frag
  253. CZAR'S CHAMPAGNE           MUNSON RW               1980GRE         24M  re5         EV DIPcream yellow self                       frag
  254. CZARS TREASURE            MUNSON I                1978GRE     197924M  re4.5       EV TETorchid w lt orchid  cr halo cr gold thr frag
  255. CZAR'S TUNIC                        MUNSON RW 2001                          TET    
  256. DAINTY DUCHESS               MUNSON I 1970          DIP    DIP
  257. DAMASCAN VELVET                MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198020ML   6         DORTETpurple w chalky     lav ez cr thr
  258. DAMASCENE                      MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197532M  re5         SEVTETpale lavender mauve blue violet halo
  259. DAMASK FLORENTINE               MUNSON RW 1977                     TET    
  260. DANGEROUS LIASONS              MUNSON RW 1989                      TET    
  261. DARK CASTLE                     MUNSON    
  262. DARK ENCHANTMENT               MUNSON RW               1983GRE         24ML re5         SEVTETdark red self       yell thr    
  263. DARK OBSESSION                 MUNSON RW               1991RED         32ML   7         EV TETdark purple         burgundy ez    
  264. DA VINCI GOLD                  MUNSON RW 1989                         TET    
  265. DAWN CRANE                     MUNSON RW               1974GRE         26EM re5         EV TETsilvery sand self   cr thr              frag
  266. DAWN CRYSTAL                  MUNSON RW 1967                   DIP    DIP
  267. DAWN SONATA                    MUNSON RW               1989RED         18EM re6         EV TETice pink self       gr thr    
  268. DAWNING SPRING                 MUNSON RW 1964                         DIP    DIP
  269. DAZZLING DAWN                MUNSON RW      1986BLU         28EM re5         SEVTETcream pink blend    gr thr              frag   ext
  270. DAZZLING DIVA                  MUNSON RW               1994UNK     199426EM re5         EV TETlav wine w lilac cr ez lemon chart thr
  271. DAZZLING SONATA                MUNSON RW      1982GRE     198226EM re7         EV TETcr lemon yell self                             ext
  272. DE MEDICI                      MUNSON RW               1976GRE         26M  re6         EV TETrose red self       gold thr            frag
  273. DEAUVILLE                  MUNSON RW  1964              DIP                DIP
  274. DEAUVILLE SUN            MUNSON RW          1986BLU         30M  re6         EV TETgold yellow self    gold gr thr         frag   ext
  275. DECLASSEE                MUNSON RW               1996UNK     199628ML re5         EV TETmauve pink & cream  bicolor             fra
  276. DELICATE TREASURE        MUNSON RW             1974GRE         28EM re5         SEVTETcream pink blend    yell thr            frag
  277. DESERT CHALICE           MUNSON RW 2000                     TET    
  278. DESERT JEWEL            MUNSON RW               1990RED     199230EM re6         EV TETpeach sand          edged gold gr thr   frag
  279. DESERT PILGRIM                 MUNSON RW         1995UNK         28EM re6         EV TETver copper self     chart thr           frag
  280. DESERT TAN                     MUNSON RW               1982GRE         36ML   5         SEVTETtan self            yell gold thr    
  281. DESERT TWILIGHT             MUNSON RW            1992RED         20EM re5         EV TETpeach yell edged    rose gold           frag
  282. DEVILS MAGIC                   MUNSON RW               1993RED 69  TR  28EM re6         EV TETpurple plum    
  283. DEVILS MAGIC                 MUNSON RW               1973GRE 111 tra 24M  re5         EV TETpeach mauve w black violet ez gold thr
  284. DEVONSHIRE                         MUNSON    
  285. DIAMOND SHADOWS                MUNSON RW               1983GRE         26EM re5         SEVTETpale lilac          yell gr thr    
  286. DIVINE MADNESS                 MUNSON RW               1983GRE     198720M  re5         DORTETorange red self     yell thr    
  287. DOGE OF VENICE             MUNSON                 
  288. DOMANI                         MUNSON RW               1967YEL     196928M    6         EV DIProse pink self      cream thr    
  289. DONIZETTI                      MUNSON RW               1984BLU         24M  re6         EV TETpeach rose blend    yell thr    
  290. DONNA JEAN JARVIS             MUNSON RW 1967                         DIP    DIP
  291. DOODLE TOWN PIPER SONG         MUNSON RW 2000                    TET    
  293. DRAGONS LAIR                   MUNSON RW               1981GRE         32EM re6         EV TETred self            yell gr thr    
  294. DRAMBUIE                       MUNSON RW               1990RED         30EM re5         SEVTETcopper brown self   gold thr    
  295. DREAM MIST                   MUNSON RW 1958                DIP    DIP
  296. DRESDEN                        MUNSON RW 1963                 DIP    DIP
  297. DRUID SPELL                    MUNSON RW               1993RED         20EM re5.5       EV TETpurple w chalky     lemon wine ez    
  298. DRUMROE                           MUNSON RW 1974                          TET    
  299. DUCHESS OF PARMA               MUNSON RW               1984BLU         32ML re5         SEVTETcream pink blend    yell gr thr    
  300. DUNEDIN                        MUNSON RW               1989RED     199032ML re6         EV TETcream pink self     gr thr              frag
  301. EARL ROBERTS               MUNSON RW               1977GRE         32ML re6         SEVTETcream flesh self    chart thr           frag
  302. EARLY VICTORIAN                MUNSON RW               1959YEL         34M              EV DIPcerise self         orange thr    
  303. EASTER ISLAND                  MUNSON RW           1990RED     199220EM re6         EV TETyellow chart self   gr thr              frag
  304. EASTER MOON                 MUNSON RW           1990RED     199224EM re5.5       SEVTETcr yell blushed pinklime gr thr         frag
  305. EBB TIDE                       MUNSON RW 1954              DIP    DIP
  306. EBURNEAN                     MUNSON RW 1962                   DIP    DIP
  307. EDESSA                         MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198824M  re6         EV TETapricot gold self   yell thr    
  308. EGYPTIAN IBIS                  MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198526EM re6         EV TETcream lilac self    yell gr thr    
  309. EGYPTIAN LOTUS                 MUNSON RW               1977GRE         32EM re7         EV DIProse self           gold gr thr         frag
  310. ELBERT NELSON KING        MUNSON RW           1991RED     199324ML re7         EV TETcream lilac blend   chart thr           frag
  311. ELEGANT ONE                    MUNSON RW               1977GRE         30M  re5         EV TEThoney lilac self    cr yell thr         frag
  312. ELIZABETH ANN HUDSON           MUNSON RW               1975GRE     197726EM re5.5       EV TETpeach rose edged    purple w ez
  313. ELIZABETH ANN ROBBINS          MUNSON RW               1984BLU         32EM re6         SEVTETflesh pink self     gold gr thr    
  314. ELIZABETH BARETT BROWNING      MUNSON RW               1991RED     199332M  re4.5       EV TETcr pink lav self    gr thr    
  315. ELIZABETH FERGUSON             MUNSON RW      1987BLU         30EM re7         EV TEThoney cr pink self  lemon gr thr        frag
  316. ELIZABETHIAN LOVE              MUNSON RW          1977GRE     197718EM re5         EV DIPpink self           cream thr           frag
  317. ELMO JACKSON                   MUNSON RW            1980GRE         30EM re6         EV TETcream pink self     cr gr thr           frag
  318. ELVIRA MADIGAN                MUNSON RW 1968                  DIP    DIP
  319. EMA HARVEY                     MUNSON RW               1987BLU         20M  re5         SEVTETcream pink blend    gr thr    
  320. EMBASSY                        MUNSON RW           1971YEL         20M  re6         SEVTETburgundy self       yell cr thr                ext
  321. EMERALD DAWN                MUNSON RW               1989RED     199026EM re5            TETpink and yell blend gr thr    
  322. EMMA BOVARY                 MUNSON RW     1988BLU         38EM re6         EV TETivory amber lilac w halo gr cr thr      fragnocext
  323. EMPEROR BUTTERFLY         MUNSON RW               1986BLU         28EM re5         EV DIPviolet orchid mauve blend yell violet e
  324. EMPEROR'S CHALICE               MUNSON RW 1976          TET    
  325. EMPEROR'S DRAGON          MUNSON RW      1988BLU         26M  re5         EV TETsilvery mauve       raisen plum ez             ext
  326. EMPERORS ROBE                  FAY                     1962YEL     196325EM re6.5       DORDIPorchid rose blend   yell thr    
  327. EMPERORS SEAL                  MUNSON RW               1977RED 79  TR  28M  re6         SEVTETflesh pink w black  purple ez    
  328. EMPERORS SEAL                  MUNSON RW               1977GRE 130 tra 24EM re5         EV TETrose magenta self   cr thr         
  329. EMPRESS MEI LING               MUNSON RW               1967YEL     196926M  re6         EV TETrose self           chart thr    
  330. EMPRESS OF BAGDAD         MUNSON RW    1987BLU     198828ML re5.5       EV DIPivory pink & buff   lilac blend w ez           ext
  331. EMPRESS OF CEYLON              MUNSON RW               1989RED         20EM re5         EV TETsalmon pink self    yell gr thr    
  332. EMPRESS OF SIAM                 MUNSON    
  333. ENCHANTE                               MUNSON RW 1963                DIP    DIP
  334. ENCHANTED EMPRESS            MUNSON RW          1980GRE     198026E  re6         EV TETcream pink self     cr thr              frag
  335. ENDORA                                        MUNSON RW 1966                 DIP    DIP
  336. ENGLISH GENTRY                    MUNSON    
  337. ENRAPTURE                      MUNSON RW          1968YEL     196926EM   5.5       EV DIPpale pink self      cream yell thr      frag
  338. ENVOY'S ROBES                  MUNSON RW               1995UNK     199518M  re7.5       EV TETrose pink & pink    rose bitone    
  339. EQUIPOISE                       MUNSON RW 1962                 DIP    
  340. ESTELLITA  SEWELL                 MUNSON RW 1967                         DIP    DIP
  341. ETHIOPIA                       MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197630EM re6         EV TETpurple self         cream thr    
  342. ETOSHA                         MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198530EM re6         EV TETamber red blend     gr thr    
  343. ETOSHA FLAME             MUNSON RW 2000              TET    
  344. EURASIA                         MUNSON RW 1971                 TET    
  345. EUROA                          MUNSON RW               1982GRE         30M    5         SEVTETlight red self      gr yell thr                ext
  346. EVELYN LELA STOUT       MUNSON RW            1987BLU         24EM re6         EV TETpastel pink self    chart thr                  ext
  347. EVENING REVERIE                MUNSON RW               1959GRE 134 TR  30M  re5         EV TETmauve lav blend     yell gr thr    
  348. EVENING REVERIE              MUNSON RW         1959YEL 151 tra 42M              EV DIPorchid mauve blend                      frag
  349. EXOTIC CHARM                      MUNSON RW 1966                   DIP    DIP
  350. FABERGE                        MUNSON I                1986BLU         20M  re4.5       EV TETorchid pink edged   gold w chalk pink ez
  351. FANCY AFFAIR                   MUNSON RW               1983GRE         22EM re6         EV TETcream pink blend    cr thr    
  352. FANCY FASHION                  MUNSON RW               1971YEL     197126EM re6         EV TETshrimp peach rose   blend gold thr
  353. FANCY ILLUSION                 MUNSON RW           1983GRE         26EM re5         EV TETpale lilac w chalky lilac ez yell gr thrfrag
  354. FARNESE PALACE               MUNSON RW         1986BLU         24EM re5         EV TETpink rose blend     cr gr thr                  ext
  355. FANCY AFFAIR                   MUNSON RW               1983GRE         22EM re6         EV TETcream pink blend    cr thr    
  356. FANCY FASHION                  MUNSON RW               1971YEL     197126EM re6         EV TETshrimp peach rose   blend gold thr
  357. FASHIONABLE                         MUNSON RW 1965                  DIP    DIP
  358. FENCING MASTER                 MUNSON RW               1988BLU         20EM re5         SEVTETclaret              chalky claret ez
  359. FIELDCREST                        MUNSON RW 1971                      TET    
  360. FIERY CHARIOT                  MUNSON RW               1990RED     199128EM   5         SEVTETscarlet self        yell gr thr    
  361. FINE FINE SUPERFINE            MUNSON RW               1991RED         18EM re5.5       SEVTETrose pink self      gr thr    
  362. FLAMES OVER AFRICA             MUNSON RW               1997UNK         24ML re7         EV TETrose red w pink red ez yell to gr thr
  363. FLAUBERT                       MUNSON RW               1993RED         28M  re6         EV TETrose wine w chalky  cr pink ez    
  364. FLORENTINE                     MUNSON RW 1959              DIP    DIP
  366. FLORENTINE SILK                MUNSON RW               1989RED     199320EM re5         EV TETpink self           yell gr thr    
  367. FLOWER SHOP                    MUNSON RW           1991RED     199130ML re6         EV DIPshell pink self     cream thr           frag
  368. FOUNTAINHEAD                          MUNSON RW 1964               DIP    DIP
  369. FRANCESCA                               MUNSON RW 1966                DIP    DIP
  370. FRANCESCA DA RIMINI          MUNSON RW   1986BLU         20M  re5         EV TETivory pink self     cr thr                     ext    
  371. FRANKLIN EDWARD LEAGUE         MUNSON RW           1995UNK         26EM re5.5       EV TETlight purple self   cream chart thr
  372. FRED HAM                       MUNSON RW               1982GRE         24M  re7         EV TETyellow self                             frag    
  373. FREDERICK MCDOWELL             MUNSON RW  1987BLU         18EM   5        SEVTETcoral salmon self   gold gr thr                ext
  374. FRENCH CHAMPAGNE               MUNSON RW      1983GRE         26EM re6        SEVTETcream shaded flesh  gr yell thr         frag
  375. FRENCH CHATEAU                 MUNSON RW       1983GRE         24EM re5         EV TETcream self                              frag    
  376. FRENCH FROSTING                MUNSON RW   1978GRE     197826EM re5         SEVTETcream self          yell thr            frag    
  377. FRENCH PAVILION                MUNSON RW               1983GRE     198826M  re6         EV TETrose pink self      yell gr thr    
  378. FRENCH PORCELAIN               MUNSON RW  1976GRE     197630EM re7         SEVTETlilac cream w wine  plum ez cr yell thr frag
  379. FUGUE                          MUNSON RW         1971YEL         20E  re5         SEVTETorchid pink         cream thr           frag   ext
  380. GANYMEDES CUP          MUNSON RW 1991                           TET    
  381. GARDEN ELF                     MUNSON I                1971YEL         34EM re3.5       EV DIPbutter cream self   chart thr    DIP
  382. GARDEN EMPRESS                 MUNSON RW               1973GRE         24M  re5         EV TETpastel rose pink    lt ez cr thr    
  383. GARDEN GODDESS                 MUNSON RW               1974GRE     198224EM re5         EV TETcream pink self     lime thr    
  384. GARDEN LAMP                          MUNSON RW 1957               DIP    DIP
  385. GARDEN LULLABY                      MUNSON RW 1961                DIP    DIP
  386. GARDEN OF ALLAH                MUNSON RW               1991RED         24EM re5         SEVTETwarm rose pink self chart thr    
  387. GARNET GLORY                      MUNSON EC 1953    DIP    DIP
  388. GAUGUIN                        MUNSON RW               1969YEL     197032EM re6         EV TETorange coral blend  gold thr    
  389. GEMSTONE MAGIC          MUNSON RW         1989RED     199224EM re5         EV TETpink ivory blend    yell gr thr                ext
  390. GENE FOSTER                    MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198824EM re6         DORTETred self            yell thr    
  391. GEORGICA                         MUNSON RW 1966                    TET    
  392. GINGER JAR                     MUNSON RW               1970YEL     197132M    6         EV TETamber tan self      yell thr    
  393. GLASS SLIPPER                MUNSON RW 1959                    DIP    DIP
  394. GLENDEVON                      MUNSON RW       1986BLU     198630EM re6         EV TETivory cr w silver   flush mauve viol ez frag
  395. GLITTERING GIFT                MUNSON RW               1984BLU         20ML re5         EV TETrose pink edged goldlemon cr thr    
  396. GODDESS CERES                  MUNSON RW         1989RED     199218EM re6         EV TETrose red blend      chalky rose ez    
  397. GOING IN STYLE                 MUNSON RW        1993RED         18M  re5.5       EV TETcr yell w red ez    cr yell thr         frag    
  398. GOLDEN CONTESSA                MUNSON RW     1987BLU     198728EM re6         EV TETyell gold touched   peach gr gold thr    
  399. GOLDEN GEISHA                  MUNSON RW               1967YEL     196928M  re6         EV DIPgold self    DIP
  400. GOSSAMER LIGHT                 MUNSON RW    1983GRE         28L  re6         EV TETlemon cream blend   yell thr            frag    
  401. GOYA                           MUNSON RW               1969YEL         28EM re6         SEVTETflesh pink & orchid blend cr thr    
  402. GRACE NOTE                     MUNSON RW 1961                           DIP    DIP
  403. GRACE STEWART ABERCROMBIE           MUNSON RW 1977              TET    
  404. GRAND BOULEVARD                MUNSON RW   1991RED     199228ML re6.5       EV TETyellow self         yell thr            frag    
  405. GRAND OPERA                    MUNSON RW               1978GRE     198026EM re6         SEVTETrose red self       yell gr thr    
  406. GRAND PALAIS                   MUNSON RW               1987BLU     198724M  re6         SEVTETlilac lavender self lemon cr thr    
  407. GRAND PRIX                       MUNSON RW 1963                     DIP    DIP
  408. GRAND RENAISSANCE              MUNSON RW          1986BLU     198726EM   5         EV TETsalmon rose self    yell gr thr    
  409. GRAND SONATA                   MUNSON RW               1988BLU     199018M  re5         EV TETpale flesh pink selfgr cream thr    
  410. GRAPE GRANDEUR                 MUNSON RW        1996UNK     199630EM re4.5       EV TETgrape violet self   lighter grape ez    
  411. GRAY HORIZON                   MUNSON RW               1973YEL         24M  re5         SEVDIPgray orchid blend   cream thr    
  412. GREAT EXPECTATIONS            MUNSON RW 1980             TET    
  413. GRECIAN GARDEN                       MUNSON RW 1967         TET    
  414. GREEN AND AMBER                MUNSON RW         1992RED     199326EM re5         EV TETamber chart self    gr thr              frag
  415. GUS BLANKENSHIP                MUNSON RW               1987BLU     198728EM re6         EV TETred self            yell gr thr    
  416. GYPSY GLITTER                        MUNSON RW 1973               TET    
  417. HAMPTON COURT                  MUNSON RW 1966                      DIP    DIP
  418. HARRODS               MUNSON RW 1988              TET    
  419. HAWAIIAN EMPRESS               MUNSON RW               1991RED     199328EM re6         EV TETrose pink blend     yell gr thr    
  420. HEAVEN'S GATE                  MUNSON RW        1991RED         28EM re6         EV TETivory white self    gr thr              frag    
  421. HEIR APPARENT                  MUNSON RW          1982GRE         30ML   4.5       SEVTETviolet purple cream halo yell cr thr    
  422. HENRY LORRAINE                      MUNSON RW 2000                  TET    
  423. HET LOO PALACE                      MUNSON RW 1991                      TET    
  424. HIGASHI                        MUNSON RW          1969YEL     197024EM re5         EV DIPpale pink self      gold thr            frag    
  425. HIGH FASHION            MUNSON RW 1959                   DIP    DIP
  426. HIGH LAMA                      MUNSON RW               1978GRE     197928M  re5         EV TETgrayish lav self    lemon gr thr    
  427. HIGH PRIESTESS                 MUNSON RW     1973YEL         42M  re6         EV TETpink rose & cream   yell bicolor        frag    
  428. HIGHLAND CRANBERRY             MUNSON RW        1983GRE         28EM re5         EV TETplum w chalky plum  ez yell gr thr    
  429. HIGHLAND HEATHER               MUNSON RW 1986BLU         20M  re5         SEVTETorchid self         cr thr                     ext    
  430. HIGHLAND LORD                  MUNSON RW  1983GRE     198322ML re5         SEVTETred wine self       lemon thr                     dbl
  431. HIGHLAND SPRITE                MUNSON RW           1991RED         20M  re5         EV TETlavender mauve      chalky lilac ez    
  432. HOBBIT'S GLENN                 MUNSON RW      1990RED     199128EM re5         EV TETyellow chart self   gr thr              frag    
  433. HOT GINGER                     MUNSON RW               1992RED         28EM re6         EV TEThot orange self     gr gold thr    
  434. HOT JAZZ                       MUNSON RW               1978GRE     198232EM   5         SEVTETor vermilion self   gold lime thr    
  435. HUNTSMAN                   MUNSON RW 1953             DIP    DIP
  436. HYDE PARK                      MUNSON RW               1959YEL         30EM re          EV DIPwine red self       gr thr    
  437. IBERIA                         MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28ML re6         EV TETgold peach blend    gold thr    
  438. ICE SHADOWS                    MUNSON RW     1990RED         24EM re5            TETivory ice w chalky  lilac mauve ez      frag    
  439. IDA MUNSON                  MUNSON RW 1966                       DIP    DIP
  440. IDA WIMBERLY MUNSON            MUNSON RW      1979GRE     197928ML re6         SEVTETlilac cream self    cr gr thr           frag
  441. IDA'S MAGIC                    MUNSON RW          1988BLU         28EM re6         EV TETamber peach edged   gold w gr gold thr    
  442. IMARI PORCELAIN                MUNSON RW        1983GRE         30M  re6         EV TETrose red self       yell gr thr         frag    
  443. IMPECCABLE                            MUNSON RW 1965           DIP    DIP
  444. IMPERIAL AUTUMN                  MUNSON RW 1973                    TET    
  445. IMPERIAL DAMASK                MUNSON RW               1954BRO         34EM             EV DIPdeep peach blend    
  446. IMPERIAL EMPRESS               MUNSON RW               1991RED         28EM re5         EV TETbrt claret rose selfyell gr thr    
  447. IMPERIAL INCA                  MUNSON RW               1983GRE         20EM re6         EV TETamber coral blend   yell thr    
  448. IMPERIAL LIMELIGHT             MUNSON RW      1983GRE         28M  re6         SEVTETlemon self          chart thr           frag    
  449. IMPERIAL PLAZA                 MUNSON RW               1989RED         28EM re6         DORTETorchid pink self    gr thr    
  450. IMPERIAL TREASURE              MUNSON RW               1983GRE         26EM re6         EV TETcoral pink self     yell gr thr    
  451. IMPERIAL WATERMARK             MUNSON RW  1976GRE     197730EM re6         EV TETwine rose w chalky  rose ez yell thr    frag
  452. IMPRESARIO                     MUNSON RW 1971                    DIP    DIP
  453. INCA FLAME                     MUNSON RW               1990RED         24M  re5         SEVTETcopper tan self     yellow thr    
  454. INCA PRINCE                    MUNSON    
  455. INCANTATA                       MUNSON RW 1962                   DIP    DIP
  456. INCANTATION                    MUNSON RW    1974GRE     197930EM re6         EV TETorchid w cream halo cr yell thr         frag    
  457. INCOMPARABLE              MUNSON 1964                  DIPD    DIP
  458. INDIAHOUSE             MUNSON RW 1967              DIP    DIP
  459. INTERMEZZO                    MUNSON RW 1952              DIP    DIP
  460. IRISH BELLEEK                  MUNSON RW        1980GRE         26EM re6         EV TETcream pink self     cr thr              frag    
  461. ISIS                                       MUNSON RW 1972                    TET    
  462. ISLAND CALM                     MUNSON RW 1982                    TET    
  463. ISLAND EMPRESS                 MUNSON RW    1976GRE         28EM re5         DORTETwarm pink self      cr thr              frag    
  464. ISLAND VESPERS                 MUNSON RW     1982GRE         24M  re6         SEVTETcream pink self     yell thr            frag    
  465. ISLE OF SPICE                   MUNSON RW 1970                   TET    
  466. ISTANBUL                           MUNSON RW 1973                         TET    
  467. IVORY CHALET                    MUNSON RW 1986                           TET    
  468. IVORY CHATEAU                  MUNSON RW         1991RED         30M  re6         SEVTETivory self          chart thr           frag    
  469. IVORY DAWN                     MUNSON RW        1982GRE         26EM re5         EV TETivory lavender self chart thr           frag    
  470. IVORY MARBLE                   MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197232M  re6         EV TETrich ivory self     yell thr    
  471. JADE LADY                      MUNSON RW        1984BLU     198424EM re6         EV TETgold yell chart selfchart thr           frag    
  472. JADE PAGODA                    MUNSON RW               1986BLU         30EM   5         EV TETchartreuse self     lime thr    
  473. JADIS                          MUNSON RW           1974GRE     197828EM re6         EV TETmauve raspberry     mauve plum halo    
  474. JAMAICA GINGER                 MUNSON RW               1986BLU         30M  re5         EV TETtan blend           yell thr    
  475. JAMAICA ROSE                   MUNSON RW               1990RED     199128M  re5.5       EV TETrose self w copper  sheen gr thr    
  476. JAMAICAN CORAL                 MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197432M  re6         EV TETcoral & pink rose   blend    
  477. JAMES SCHERMERHORN            MUNSON RW 1984                         TET    
  478. JAPANESE BROCADE               MUNSON RW               1981GRE     198326EM re6         EV TETred rose self       cream thr    
  479. JAPANESE PRINT                 MUNSON RW    1990RED         28EM re5         EV TETivory w ivory lav ezivory gr thr        frag    
  480. JAPANESE ROYAL                 MUNSON RW               1973GRE         30M  re5         EV TETpurple self         yell thr    
  481. JAPANESQUE                          MUNSON RW 1974                  TET    
  482. JAZZMAN                        MUNSON RW               1986BLU         28ML   6         SEVTETred self            gr thr    
  483. JEAN GEORGE                 MUNSON RW 1964                          DIP    DIP
  484. JEAN NORRIS                    MUNSON RW               1980GRE         20M    5         EV TETsilvery lav self    gr thr    
  485. JIMMIE KILPATRICK              MUNSON RW               1964YEL     196528EM re5         EV DIProse pink blend     chart thr    
  486. JOYANCE                        MUNSON RW               1986BLU         26M  re5         EV TETcoral pink blend    yell gr thr
  487. JUDY KOLTZ                     MUNSON RW           1978GRE         28M  re6         EV TETorange apricot pink orange gold thr     frag
  488. JUNE MCKINNEY WILLIAMS         MUNSON RW   1996UNK     199624EM re5.5       EV TETrose pink self      chart yell gr thr   frag
  489. JUNE WILLIAMS                  MUNSON RW               1973GRE     197524EM re5         EV TETburgundy plum self  yell thr
  490. KABUKI                         MUNSON RW               1974GRE         28M  re5         EV TETorchid lavender selfcream thr           frag
  491. KABUKI BALLET                  MUNSON RW               1993RED         26EM re6         EV TETclaret plum w       claret pink ez
  492. KALAHARI                       MUNSON RW               1991RED         28EM re6         EV DIPyellow self         chart thr           frag
  493. KALI                           MUNSON RW               1977GRE     197730EM re6         SEVTETflesh self          gold thr            frag
  494. KALLISTA                       MUNSON RW               1985BLU     198522EM re6         SEVTETcream yellow self   gr thr              frag
  495. KARA KUM                       MUNSON RW               1972YEL         28EM re6         EV TETyellow pink blend   chart thr
  496. KATE CARPENTER                 MUNSON RW     1980GRE     198428EM re6         EV TETpale pink self      cr thr              frag
  497. KECIA                          MUNSON RW               1966GRE 198 TR  28EM re6         EV TETpale yellow self
  498. KECIA                          MUNSON RW             1966YEL 229 tra 26M  re6         SEVDIPpink rose self      chart thr                  ext
  499. KENSINGTON MANOR               MUNSON RW               1988BLU     198828ML re6         EV TETlav violet blend    chalky lav ez
  500. KHANS KNIGHT                   MUNSON RW               1980GRE         20ML   5         DORTETblack purple self   gr thr
  501. KHARTOUM                       MUNSON RW               1988BLU         18EM re5         SEVTETpeach melon w burg  ez gr gold thr
  502. KING'S CACHET                  MUNSON RW               1992RED     199332EM re7         EV TETpale peach cr self  cream thr
  503. KINGS CLOAK                   MUNSON RW   1969YEL     196925EM re6         EV TETwine rose blend     mauve wine ez              ext
  504. KING'S COTILLION               MUNSON RW               1997UNK         26M  re6.5       EV TETwine rose red self  chalky wine ez
  505. KING'S KNIGHT                  MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198726ML   4.5       SEVTETblack wine red self yell gr thr
  506. KINGSTON HARBOR                MUNSON RW               1986BLU         28EM   5         EV TETyellow self         gr thr
  507. KIRISHIMA                      MUNSON RW 1971YEL         26M  re6         SEVTETivory overlaid pink chart thr           frag   ext
  508. KNAVE                          MUNSON RW         1971YEL     197226EM re5         EV TETrose red self       cream thr           frag   ext
  509. KOREAN SILK                    MUNSON RW   1969YEL     196926ML   6         DORDIPpink cream blend    gold lime thr       frag   ext
  510. Kyconos                 Unregistered and was offered by Daylily Discounters in 2000
  511. KYOTO                          MUNSON RW       1974GRE     197430M  re5         DORTETyellow flesh & creamw shades of pink    frag
  512. LA CHARMANTE                   MUNSON RW               1960GRE 202 TR  22EM re5         SEVTETrose self           yell thr
  513. LA CHARMANTE                   MUNSON RW               1960YEL 233 tra 28ML             EV DIPorchid mauve & cr   polychrome
  514. LA COMEDIA                     MUNSON RW               1984BLU         25ML   4.5       SEVTETred w ivory edges   gold thr
  515. LA FENICE                      MUNSON RW               1988BLU         22EM re6         EV TETsalmon rose self    gr gold thr
  516. LA MANCHA                      MUNSON RW               1974GRE         28EM re6         EV TETburgundy rose       chalky rose halo
  517. LA PECHE                       MUNSON RW            1976GRE     197724EM re5         SEVTETpeach yellow self   yell thr            frag
  518. LA SCALA                       MUNSON RW   1971YEL     197230M  re6         EV TETcoral red rose      pale coral ez              ext    
  519. LACQUERED URN                  MUNSON RW               1979GRE         32ML   5         SEVTETorange red self     gold gr thr    
  520. LADY AMARAH                    MUNSON RW      1991RED     199330EM re6         EV TETpeach gold blend                        frag    
  521. LADY MARMALADE                 MUNSON RW        1978GRE     197824EM re5         SEVTETapricot gold self   gold thr            frag
  522. LAURIANA                       MUNSON RW               1988BLU         24M  re6         EV TETcr pink lilac self  yell gr thr    
  523. LAVENDER LILAC MIST            MUNSON RW          1994UNK     199424EM re5         EV TETorchid pink lilac   creamy chart ez
  524. LEMON JADE                 MUNSON RW               1983GRE     198620M  re5         EV TETlemon chart self    chart thr           frag
  525. LEMON PIPER                    MUNSON RW               1983GRE     198328M  re7         EV TETapricot cream       lemon lime thr    
  526. LEMONADE DAYS              MUNSON RW               1989RED     199020M  re5         EV TETyellow self         gr yell thr         frag
  527. LEMONADE SUPREME           MUNSON RW           1980GRE     198124EM re5         EV TETyellow self         yell gr thr         frag
  528. LENOX                          MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198524EM re6         EV TETcream self          cream gr thr    
  529. LEXINGTON AVENUE               MUNSON RW               1990RED     199224EM re6         EV TETwine w lt whitish   wine ez    
  530. LILAC SNOW                     MUNSON RW               1977GRE     197828M  re6         SEVTETpale lilac self     cr gr thr           frag
  531. Lisbon          Munson RW 1966        watermelon rose red with green throat    DIP
  532. LITTA MADONNA                  MUNSON RW               1992RED         16ML re4.5       EV TETpink w ice pink wm  chart thr    
  533. Londontown                          Munson RW  1976          30,6,    Emid,Re,evr,tet     purple self with yellow green throat    
  534. LORD BYRON                     MUNSON RW               1992RED         24M  re5         SEVTETbright red self     gold gr thr    
  535. LORRAINE KILGORE               MUNSON RW               1981GRE     198230M    6         SEVTETcoral pink self     orange coral thr
  536. LOVE CHARM               MUNSON RW   1959           ivory yellow blend       dip
  537. "LOVING TOUCH                      MUNSON RW 1960               soft pink self with cream throat        DIP
  538. LUNAR SEA                            MUNSON    
  539. LUTE CONCERTO                  MUNSON RW       1994UNK     199426EM re6         EV TETivory cream pink    gold edge           frag
  540. LUTE SONG             MUNSON RW   1959              pale peach blend with yellow throat        DIP
  541. LUXOR LIGHT                 MUNSON RW 1969             lemon cream self with lemon throat        DIP
  542. LYRIC SERENADE                 MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198420EM re5         EV TETpink blend          gr gold thr    
  543. MAATEN                         MUNSON RW         1990RED     199324ML re6         EV TETmauve peach w deep  mauve ez gold gr thr
  544. MABLE LEWIS NELSON             MUNSON RW              1989RED     199018ML re7         EV TETlilac cream self    cream gr thr
  545. MACAO                          MUNSON RW               1989RED     199328EM re5         SEVTETburgundy w darker   ez yell gr thr    
  546. MAGIC CARPET                       MUNSON RW 1960       cream etched rose mauve and burnt rose reverse bicolor with cream throat     DIP
  547. MAGIC MADIGRAL                        MUNSON RW 1976     orchid lavender self with yellow green throat   DIP
  548. MAGIC MANDARIN                 MUNSON RW               1980GRE         24M  re6         EV TETflesh pink self     gold thr            frag
  549. MAGIC RAZZMATAZZ               MUNSON RW               1990RED         30EM re6         EV TETflesh mauve blend   wine ez gr thr
  550. MAGIC VEIL            MUNSON RW 1973        pink ivory self with cream throat           TET
  551. MAGIC WINGS                MUNSON RW 1953                   DIP
  552. MAGI'S GIFT                    MUNSON RW               1992RED 141 tra 20M  re6         SEVTETgold self           gr gold thr         frag
  553. MAGI'S GIFT                    MUNSON RW          1992ADD 1997TR  18M  re6         SEVTETlemon gold self     lemon gold thr      frag
  554. MAGNIFIQUE                     MUNSON RW               1961GRE 231 TR  30M  re6         EV TETflesh & cream       yell gr thr    
  555. MAGNIFIQUE                     MUNSON RW               1961YEL 264 tra 33M              EV DIPhoney self cream    tints    
  556. MAHARAJA'S GUARD               MUNSON RW               1990RED         28EM re5         EV TETscarlet red self    gr gold thr    
  557. MAHARANEE                      MUNSON RW               1973YEL         24M  re5         EV TETrose pink blend     gold thr            frag
  558. MAHARANEE'S VEIL           MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198622ML re5         EV TETlilac pink w chalky pink ez yell gr thr
  559. MAHLER                         MUNSON RW               1990RED         20ML re5         SEVTETlavender rose self  gr thr    
  560. MAIA                           MUNSON RW               1992RED         24ML re5         SEVTETrose pink self      gr thr    
  561. MAISON CARREE                  MUNSON RW               1988BLU     198820EM re6         EV TETpastel peach gold   blend gr thr
  562. MALAGA BLANCA                          MUNSON RW 1989             ivory white self with green throat        TET
  563. MALAYSIAN MONARCH          MUNSON RW               1987BLU     198824EM re6         SEVTETburgundy purple selfcream white thr
  564. MALAYSIAN SPICE            MUNSON RW           1977GRE         20M  re6         EV TETspice rose self     yell gr thr         frag   ext
  565. MALMAISON PLUM                 MUNSON RW               1994UNK     199424M  re4.5       SEVTETpurple w chalky plumwm gr thr
  566. MANCHURIAN APRICOT        MUNSON RW           1982GRE         20EM re6         EV DIPpink apricot self   apr gold thr        frag
  567. MANCHU FLAME                            MUNSON RW  1973        burnt coral self with orange throat           TET
  568. MANCHURIAN CRANE                        MUNSON RW 1980     mauve with purple eyezone and cream throat                 TET
  569. MANDARIN'S COAT            MUNSON RW          1976GRE     197925EM re5         EV TETclaret red w claret ez gold thr    
  570. MANET                          MUNSON RW               1974GRE         36EM re6         EV TETashes of rose       silver blue viol ez    
  571. "MANGO MOON         MUNSON RW  2000       apricot orange with coral apricot halo and coral pink midrib above orange brass green heart throat TET
  572. MANHATTEN NIGHT                MUNSON RW               1989RED     199334EM re5         EV TETpurple self         chart thr    
  573. MARKHAM                        MUNSON RW               1989RED     199326EM re7         EV TETivory peach blend   gr yell thr    
  574. MARQUESA                       MUNSON RW               1989RED     199320M  re6         SEVTETflesh self          cream thr           frag
  575. MARRAKECH                   MUNSON RW               1969GRE 235 TR  32EM re6         EV DIPgrape rose self     gold thr            frag
  576. MARRAKECH                      MUNSON RW               1969YEL 269 tra 20M  re6         EV TETrose mauve self     cr gold thr    
  577. MARTHA BORING                       MUNSON RW  1965           cream flesh blend with green throat            DIP
  578. MARY ANN SMITH                 MUNSON RW               1993RED 146 tra 24M  re4.5       SEVTETpurple w chalky plumpurple wm
  579. MARY ANN SMITH                 MUNSON RW               1990ADD 1996TR  24M  re5         EV TETviolet plum self    wh edge ivory thr
  580. MARY HANKINS                   MUNSON RW               1969YEL         28M    6         SEVTETpeach amber w       amber halo yell thr
  581. MARY READ ROSA                     MUNSON RW  1968      rose pink self with pale yellow throat            DIP
  582. MASAI CHIEF                    MUNSON RW               1996UNK     199630M  re6         EV TETclaret red self     greenish gold thr
  583. MASK BALL                      MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197930M  re6         EV TETpeach mauve         purple ez gold thr
  584. MASTER POET                      MUNSON RW 1980       violet with chalky violet eyezone and cream throat       TET   
  585. MATISSE                        MUNSON RW               1984BLU     199024M  re5.5       EV TETrose pink blend     yell gr thr    
  586. MAUI MAGIC                     MUNSON RW               1988BLU     198824EM re6         EV TETflesh pink self     yell gr thr         frag
  587. MAUNA KEA                      MUNSON RW               1989RED         26M  re6         EV TETivory pink self     cream thr    
  588. MAY NIGHT                             MUNSON RW  1959      medium dark purple self with green throat          DIP
  589. MAYAN POPPY                    MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198124M  re5         EV TETcoral self          yell gr thr    
  590. MAYERLING                               MUNSON RW  1974     rose mulberry with lighter eye and small yellow green heart         DIP
  591. MAYFAIR MISS                   MUNSON RW               1984BLU         28EM re4.5       EV TETlilac pink self     cr thr    
  592. MEADOW DAWN                         MUNSON RW  1977      cream flesh blend with yellow throat            TET
  593. MEDEA                          MUNSON RW               1971YEL         22M  re6         EV TETrose wine self      gold cr thr    
  594. MEDICI PALACE                  MUNSON RW               1992RED         30M  re6         EV TETburgundy red self   gr thr    
  595. MEDORAN GOLD               MUNSON RW       1986BLU     198624EM re6         EV TETgold yellow self    chart thr           frag   ext
  596. MEERSCHAUM               MUNSON RW               1980GRE         26ML re5         SEVTETivory sand self     gr thr              frag
  597. MEMORABLE                         MUNSON RW  1965       salmon rose self with green throat              DI[P
  598. MEMORIES                       MUNSON RW               1952BRO 152 tra 30EM re          SEVDIPlt orange yell poly    
  599. MEMORIES                       MUNSON RW               1952YEL 278 TR  32M    6         EV DIPapricot self        pink gold thr    
  600. MERCI                                       MUNSON RW  1974       cream flesh blend with cream throat           TET
  601. MERLE KENT                     MUNSON RW               1980GRE         28M  re6         EV TETred self            gold thr    
  602. MERRY PRINCE                       MUNSON RW  2000          claret wine with ice pink halo and deep purple massacred eye border above         TET
  603. MERRY WITCH                    MUNSON RW               1983GRE         30M  re6         EV TETrose w lighter ez   lemon cream thr
  604. MICHELIN HOUSE                           MUNSON RW  1992        pastel peach yellow self with chartreuse yellow throat         TET
  605. MIKADO GOLD                                        MUNSON RW  1994         orange pinkish gold blend with olive gold throat     TET
  606. MILAN                                           MUNSON RW  1959     pink self with copper gold throat            DIP
  607. MILANESE                                        MUNSON RW  1965     pale amber rose with faint halo and green throat          TET
  608. MILDRED STEPHENSON      MUNSON RW         1984BLU     198628EM re6         EV TETlemon cream pink    blend gr thr        frag
  609. MING DYNASTY           MUNSON RW 1967    orange apricot self with orange throat           DIP
  610. MING MANDARIN             MUNSON RW 1974          red rose with chalky eyezone and gold throat         TET
  611. MING PARASOL                         MUNSON RW  1980          cream pink self with cream green throat          TET
  612. MING TEMPLE                    MUNSON RW               1978GRE         26EM re6         SEVTETyellow flesh self   yell thr            frag
  613. MING TREASURE                  MUNSON RW               1977GRE     198226M  re5         EV TETcoral w coral gold  ez gold gr thr
  614. MIRZA                          MUNSON RW               1983GRE         30M  re5         SEVTETmauve self          lt apricot thr    
  615. MISTY MOORS                    MUNSON RW               1979GRE         32EM re6         EV TETviolet lavender     violet ez    
  616. MISTY PARADISE                          MUNSON RW  1958        cream edged with lavender beige              DIP
  617. MOLTEN LAVA                      MUNSON RW  1971           orange amber blend with gold throat            TET
  618. MON TRIOMPHE                        MUNSON RW  1974          silver orchid self with cream throat           TET
  619. MONTE CARLO RED                MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198732M    5         SEVTETrose red tinted     coppery peach
  620. MOON MADONNA                   MUNSON RW      1978GRE     198024M  re6         SEVTETcream white self    lemon thr           frag
  621. MOON OF XANADU               MUNSON RW    1978GRE         28M  re6         EV TETcream blushed flesh yell thr            frag    
  622. MOON SNOW                      MUNSON RW       1983GRE     198524EM re5         SEVTETnear white self     cream thr           frag
  623. MOON SPUN                      MUNSON RW               1991RED         24M  re5         EV TETivory cream self    chart thr           frag
  624. MOON TWILIGHT              MUNSON RW          1977GRE     198522ML re5         SEVTETcream blush self    chart thr           frag
  625. MOON VESPERS                   MUNSON RW       1986BLU     198826M  re6         SEVTETcream pink self     cream gr thr        frag
  626. MOON WAX                                       MUNSON RW  1967             cream lemon self with green throat            DIP
  627. MOON WILLOW                    MUNSON RW         1983GRE         26EM re6         SEVTETlemon cream self    lemon thr           frag
  628. MOONLIGHT LADY                 MUNSON RW         1993RED         24EM re5.5       EV TETivory white self    cr chart thr        frag
  629. MOON RAKER                           MUNSON RW  1974             pale flesh self with yellow throat       TET
  630. MOONYEAN                       MUNSON RW               1965YEL     196528M    6.5       EV DIPpale flesh self     gr thr    
  631. MORNING CALM                   MUNSON RW 1969                 peach and cream bitone with gold throat           TET
  632. MORNING DRAGON                                   MUNSON RW  1980                 dark red self with gold throat            TET
  633. MORNING MIRAGE         MUNSON RW          1971YEL         28EM re5         EV TETor rose coral self  orange gr thr              ext
  634. MORTICIA                  MUNSON RW 1994UNK     199438M  re7         EV TETburgundy purple     cr viol plum pple ez             sp4.0
  635. MOST NOBLE                     MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198528M  re6         EV TETyellow self                             frag
  636. MOUNT FUJI                     MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28M  re6         EV TETnear white self     cr thr              frag
  637. MOUNTAIN VIOLET                MUNSON RW               1973YEL         28M  re5         EV TETviolet purple       banded purple    
  638. MUTED MELODAY                              MUNSON RW  1960                 ivory peach blend              DIP
  639. MY FAIR LADY                                     MUNSON RW  1958            cream and peach rose blend               DIP
  640. MYKONOS                        MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198728M    5         EV TETcream white self    chart thr           frag
  641. "MYSTICAL MORNING                        MUNSON RW  1969            flesh peach self with gold throat               TET
  642. NAIROBI NIGHT                     MUNSON    
  643. Nan Shelley Smith Munson RW  2001  Tet
  644. Natasha             MUNSON RW 1969    TET
  645. NEFERTITI                      MUNSON RW     1971YEL     197124EM re5         SEVTETyell shrimp blend   chalky red ez       frag    
  646. NEW MOON             MUNSON RW  1954      DIP                 
  647. NEW PLATEUS     Munson from wimway    
  648. NIGERIAN NIGHT                 MUNSON RW               1992RED         24M    6         SEVTETmagenta violet self gold gr thr    
  649. NIGHT DRAGON                   MUNSON RW               1989RED         30M  re6         EV TETpurple w chalky plumhalo chart thr
  650. NIGHT QUEEN                    MUNSON RW               1983GRE     198630M  re6         EV TETburgundy purple selflemon thr    
  651. NIGHT WIND                     MUNSON RW               1989RED         26EM re6         EV TETpurple self         chart thr    
  652. NIJINSKY                       MUNSON RW               1986BLU         26M  re6         EV TETpurple w chalky     plum ez lime thr    
  653. NIJO'S CASTLE                  MUNSON RW               1995UNK     199528M  re5         SEVTETmelon cream self    gold chart thr
  654. NIKOLAI                        MUNSON RW               1986BLU         24EM re5         EV TETrose red self       lime cr thr                ext
  655. NILE CRANE                     MUNSON RW               1978GRE     198026M  re5         EV TETlavender self       cream thr           frag
  656. NILE LOTUS                      MUNSON RW 1978                  TET
  657. NILE NIGHT                      MUNSON preregistered    
  658. NILE PLUM                      MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198620EM re5         EV TETsilvery mauve plum  plum claret ez
  659. NILE QUEEN                     MUNSON RW               1978GRE         26M  re6         EV TETrose self           gold lime thr    
  660. NILE TEMPLE                    MUNSON RW               1989RED         28EM re5         EV TETyellow flesh self   gr thr    
  661. NIRVANA                              MUNSON RW 1958         DIP
  662. NIVIA GUEST                    MUNSON RW               1984BLU         24M    5         EV TETpurple self         yell gr thr    
  663. NOBLE PEARL                        MUNSON RW 1976           TET
  664. NOBLE TRIBUNE                  MUNSON RW               1986BLU         28M  re6         SEVTETred self            yell gr thr    
  665. NOSTALGIA                          MUNSON RW 1955        DIP
  666. NOTORIOUS                      MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28M  re5         SEVTETred self            gold thr    
  667. OLIVE ALICE PAULEY                  MUNSON RW 1983                  TET
  669. OPERA ELEGANCE                 MUNSON RW               1978GRE     198332M  re6         DORTETred w ivory edges   gold gr thr
  670. OPERA HOUSE                    MUNSON RW               1993RED         18M  re5         SEVTETiv almond & violet  raisin viol ez    
  671. OPERA OVERTURE                 MUNSON RW               1989RED         42ML re6         EV TETlilac pink self     yell gr thr    
  672. OPERA ROYALE                          MUNSON RW 1977                           DIP
  673. OPHELIA TAYLOR                          MUNSON RW 1966                          DIP
  674. ORANGE DAWN                    MUNSON RW          1984BLU         24ML re6         SEVTETorange apricot self orange thr          frag
  675. ORANGE DIVA                  MUNSON RW           1995UNK     199520EM re6         EV TETorange self         orange chart thr    frag
  676. ORANGE HONEY              MUNSON RW               1992RED         20EM re6         EV TETorange honey self   gr gold thr         frag
  677. ORANGE LAKE                    MUNSON RW               1989RED         24EM re6         EV TETorange self         frag    
  678. ORANGE LACE                          MUNSON RW 1989                 TET
  679. ORIANA                                         MUNSON RW 1966            TET
  680. ORIENTAL SILK                  MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197728ML re5.5       EV TETorchid lavender     lav plum ez cr thr
  681. ORIENTAL SPICE BOX         MUNSON RW         1989RED     199330EM re4.5       EV TETspice tan self      yell gr thr         frag
  682. PADUA                                        MUNSON RW 1966                 TET
  683. PAGANINI                                      MUNSON RW 1992                 TET
  684. PAGODA GODDESS            MUNSON RW           1978GRE     198220M  re6         EV TETcream pink self     gr gold thr         frag
  685. PALACE CONCUBINE            MUNSON    
  686. PALACE GUARD                   MUNSON RW               1976GRE     197728M  re6         SEVTETbright red self     yell thr    
  687. PALACE LANTERN              MUNSON RW           1978GRE     198224M  re6         EV TETbright rose pink    blend gold lime thr
  688. PALACE PAGODA              MUNSON RW            1978GRE     198030M  re5         SEVTETcream pink self     cr yell thr         frag
  689. PALACE PINK                    MUNSON RW               1993RED         18EM re6         EV TETpink self           yell cr thr         frag
  690. PANACHE                        MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28M  re5         SEVTETpeach w plum purple ez peach orange thr
  691. PANAMA SCARLET                        MUNSON RW 2000                           TET
  692. PANCHEN LAMA           MUNSON RW     1986BLU     198726M  re6         SEVTETcream pink w rose   pink ez cream gr thr       ext
  693. PAPAL COURT                    MUNSON RW               1969YEL         24M    6         EV TETorchid lavender selfgold thr    
  694. PAPAL GUARD                    MUNSON RW               1978GRE     197924ML re6         SEVTETred self            yell gr thr    
  695. PAPAL PRINCE                          MUNSON RW 1973                     TET
  696. PAPER DRAGON              MUNSON RW    1986BLU     198624EM re6         EV TETrusset & lilac amberblend lime gr thr   frag   ext
  697. PAPER LANTERN                        MUNSON RW 1981               TET
  698. PARIS LIGHTS               MUNSON RW           1987BLU     198828ML re4.5       EV TETlemon chart self    gr thr                     ext
  699. PARIS OVERTURE                 MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198724M  re5         SEVTETpurple w chalky     violet plum ez
  700. PARIS SIDEWALK CAFE        MUNSON RW        1995UNK         24M  re5         EV TETcream pink self     chart thr           frag
  701. PARIS SILK                     MUNSON RW               1993RED         26EM   5.5       EV TETrose pink & violet  pink to sand ez    
  702. PARISIAN DAWN                           MUNSON RW 1954                       DIP
  703. PARMA VIOLET                   MUNSON RW               1992RED         26M  re5         EV TETviolet rose w violetice ez cr gr thr    
  704. Pasha's Passport   Munson    
  705. PASTEL BALLERINA          MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198418EM re6         EV DIPiv blush pink self  chart thr           frag
  706. PASTEL MORNING                 MUNSON RW               1982GRE         24EM re6         EV TETpale flesh cream    lemon chart thr
  707. PATHETIQUE                     MUNSON RW1961                 DIP                     
  708. PATRICIAN GRACE                         MUNSON RW 1958                        DIP
  709. PATRICIAN HERITAGE           MUNSON RW       1985BLU         26EM re6         EV TETivory pink self     yell cr thr         frag    
  710. PATRICIAN LADY                 MUNSON RW  1976GRE 276 tra 32M  re6         EV TETcream yellow self   yell thr            frag      dbl
  711. PAVANE                               MUNSON RW 1958                   DIP    D
  712. PEACEFULNESS                  MUNSON RW1965             DIP          
  713. PERFECT GIFT                   MUNSON RW               1992RED         18ML re5         EV TETpeach rose self     gr gold thr    
  714. PERFECT LEMONADE           MUNSON RW         1980GRE     198026M  re6         EV TETlemon cream self    gr thr              frag
  715. Persian Bells                       Unregistered Munson offered by Daylily Discounters    
  716. PERSIAN LAMP                       MUNSON RW1959                            DIP
  717. PERSIAN MARKET               MUNSON RW        1969YEL     196927M  re7         EV TETdeep rose w rose    red ez gold thr     frag
  718. PERSIAN PLUM                   MUNSON RW         1974GRE     197530E  re6         SEVTETmauve plum self     lime gold thr    
  719. PERSIAN PALACE                   MUNSON RW1967                    DIP
  720. PERUGIA                                        MUNSON RW1959                     DIP
  721. PERUVIAN PEARL                 MUNSON RW          1989RED         24EM re5         EV TETcream white self    gr thr              frag
  722. PETITE PALACE                  MUNSON RW         1989RED         18M  re4.5       SEVTETlemon cream self    gr thr              frag
  723. PETRUCHIO                      MUNSON RW               1987BLU     198726EM   5         SEVTETpeach rose red blendyell gr thr    
  724. PHARAOH'S TREASURE             MUNSON RW               1988BLU         24EM re5         EV TETgrape purple yell   halo yell gr thr
  725. PHOENICIAN AMBER               MUNSON RW               1973GRE         30M  re5         EV TETamber yellow self   yell thr    
  726. PHOENICIAN PEARL                     MUNSON RW1974                        TET
  727. PHOENICIAN WEALTH                  MUNSON RW1957                     DIP
  728. PICKFAIR                                         MUNSON RW1960                    DIP
  729. PIERIAN                                                MUNSON RW1974                   TET
  730. PINK CARRARA                   MUNSON RW               1990RED         20ML   6         EV TETpink self           cream thr    
  731. PINK CHINA DOLL                MUNSON RW               1992RED         24M  re5         EV TETrose pink self      gr thr    
  732. PINK GRANACHE                  MUNSON RW               1990RED     199128M  re6         EV TETpink self           yell gr thr         frag
  733. PINK TROPICAL DAWN             MUNSON RW               1990RED     199126EM re6         EV TETrose pink self      yell gr thr    
  734. PINK VANILLA CREAM             MUNSON RW               1989RED         26EM re6         DORTETice pink self       gr thr    
  735. PIPE DREAMS                                 MUNSON RW1980                     TET
  736. PIPPIN'S MAGIC                 MUNSON RW             1986BLU     198728EM   5         EV TETsmoky salmon blend  amber yell gr th
  737. PIRATE LORD                    MUNSON RW     1982GRE     198230EM re5         EV TETrose coral red self yell thr                   ext
  738. PIROUETTE                               MUNSON RW1954                                DIP
  739. PLANTAGENENT                          MUNSON RW1971                              TET
  740. PLATINUM PEARL              MUNSON RW           1981GRE     198124M  re5         SEVTETpearl self          cream thr           frag
  741. PLEASURES ME                MUNSON RW          1980GRE         18ML   5         SEVTETcr brushed pink     cr thr              frag    
  742. POETS RHYME                       MUNSON RW1969                     TET        
  743. POGODO BELLS                                MUNSON RW1954                  DIP
  744. PORCELAIN GEISHA           MUNSON RW               1983GRE         26EM re5         EV TETivory washed lav    yell gr thr         frag
  745. PORCELAIN PALACE               MUNSON RW               1990RED         20ML re6         EV TETcream pink blend    cream gr thr
  746. PORCELAIN PRINCE               MUNSON RW     1984BLU         36EM re6         EV TETyellow rouged pink  gr thr              frag    
  747. PORCELAIN PRINCESS             MUNSON RW         1985BLU         28EM re6         EV TETlemon pink blend    yell thr            frag
  748. PORCELAIN TREASURE          MUNSON RW           1977GRE         26EM re5         EV TETflesh cream self    gold thr            frag
  749. PORCELAIN WREN                 MUNSON I          1980GRE         30EM re4.5       EV TETamber lavender blendgold gr thr         frag
  750. PRECOCIOUS                     MUNSON RW               1990RED     199126EM re4.5       EV TETrose wine self      cream thr    
  751. PRECIOUS DAYS                          MUNSON RW1969                             TET
  752. PREMIER ROSE                   MUNSON RW               1983GRE         26M  re6         EV TETrose self           yell gr thr    
  753. PRESIDENT'S LADY            MUNSON RW           1989RED     199326ML re6         EV TETpink self           yell gr thr         frag
  754. PRIMA BALLERINA                MUNSON RW               1977GRE         26EM   6         EV TETpink flesh          gold thr            frag
  755. PRIMA VISTA                               MUNSON RW1967                             DIP
  756. PRIME MINISTER                 MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198230M  re5         DORTETred self            yell thr    
  757. PRINCE OF VENICE               MUNSON RW               1983GRE         30EM re5         EV TETmauve wine blend    lemon lime thr
  758. PRINCESS MARMALADE             MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198728EM   5         EV TETyell gold apr self  gold gr thr
  759. PRUSSIA                        MUNSON RW               1971YEL         26M    5         SEVTETcoral red self      gr thr    
  760. PUPPET MASTER           MUNSON RW               1988BLU     199020EM re4         SEVTETbuff peach w golden buff peach ez gr thr
  761. PURPLE TWILIGHT TIME           MUNSON RW               
  762. QUEEN EMPRESS             MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198328EM re6         EV TETflesh yellow self   yell thr            frag
  763. QUEEN VICTORIA REGINA                    MUNSON RW1971                 TET
  764. QUEEN'S CAPE                   MUNSON RW               1989RED     199024EM re6         EV TETviolet w chalky ez  chart thr    
  765. QUEENS DOLL                    MUNSON I                1975GRE         18M  re4         EV TETrose pink self      yell cr gr thr    
  766. QUEENS GRACE                   MUNSON RW               1969YEL     197022EM re5         EV TETrose self           yell thr    
  767. QUEEN'S MEMENTO                MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198618ML   6         SEVTETorchid lavender selfcream yell thr
  768. QUEENNSWARE                          MUNSON RW1959                            DIP
  769. QUIESCENCE                                 MUNSON RW1957                          DIP
  770. QUIETUDE                                           MUNSON RW1957             DIP
  771. QUIXOTIC                                          MUNSON RW1962                    DIP
  772. RAINBOW GODDESS                MUNSON RW      1991RED         24M  re5         EV TETamber pink blend    edged gold          frag
  773. RAINBOW GOLD STAR            MUNSON RW  1994UNK     199432EM re5.5       EV TETrusset amber peach  blend gold edge     frag
  774. RAINBOW PORCELAIN              MUNSON RW               1988BLU     198828E  re6         EV TETivory cream & pink  blend gr thr
  775. RAINBOW SKIES                  MUNSON RW               1973GRE         36EM re6         EV TETyellow overlaid pinkgr thr    
  776. RANDOM HARVEST                    MUNSON RW1966                        DIP
  777. RARE GIFT                      MUNSON I                1980GRE         30EM re4.5       EV TETashes of roses      steel blue ez    
  778. RARE SPICE                     MUNSON RW               1959GRE 298 TR  24ML re6         EV TETcinn coral w yell   cinn ez yell thr
  779. RARE SPICE                     MUNSON RW               1959YEL 349 tra 24M              EV DIProse w lighter ez   gold thr    
  780. RAVENNA                            MUNSON RW1961                                DIP
  781. RAVENSWOOD                            MUNSON RW1953                      DIP
  782. RED LANTERN                    MUNSON RW               1992RED         32M  re7         EV TETscar burgundy self  chart thr    
  783. RED PRIEST                     MUNSON RW               1986BLU         30M  re5.5       SEVTETred self            gold thr    
  784. RED SANGRIA                    MUNSON RW               1992RED     199332ML re7         EV TETburgundy red self   gr thr    
  785. REGAL FLAME                    MUNSON RW               1983GRE         30M  re6         EV TETcoral self          lime gold thr    
  786. REGAL RAIMENT                  MUNSON RW               1986BLU         24ML re6         EV TETpurple w chalky     purple lav ez    
  787. REGAL TAPESTRY                 MUNSON I                1977GRE         26EM re6         EV TETyellow gold         burgundy ez    
  788. REINE DE VIOLETTES             MUNSON RW               1992RED     199226EM re5.5       EV TETorchid lilac self   gr cream thr
  789. RENAISSANCE FAIR               MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197828M  re5.5       EV TETplum magenta        purple ez cr thr
  790. Rendzevous with Roses   unregistered Munson which was offered by Daylily Discounters in the past.    
  791. RESPIGHI                     MUNSON RW        1986BLU         20EM re6         EV TETwine black w chalky wine ez yell gr thr        ext
  792. RICHARD TAYLOR         MUNSON RW          1987BLU         20M  re6         SEVTETred self            yell gr thr                ext    
  793. RILEY BARRON                   MUNSON RW               1977GRE         30M  re6         SEVTETred self            gr gold thr    
  794. RIO DE JANEIRO                 MUNSON RW      1986BLU         24M  re5         EV TETrose self           yell gr thr                ext    
  795. ROADMASTER      (UNREGISTERED)       MUNSON RW     light eyed deep purple     17" TALL WITH 6" FLOWER       sev    
  796. ROBES OF PSYCHE                MUNSON RW               1977GRE         22M  re6         EV DIPcream pink self     cream thr    
  797. ROCAMADOUR                  MUNSON RW           1989RED     199224EM re7         EV TETrose red w lt rose  red ez yell rg thr    
  798. RODEO DRIVE                    MUNSON RW               1989RED         24ML re6         SEVTETviolet self         gr thr    
  799. ROSENTHAL                      MUNSON RW      1992RED         25M  re6         EV TETivory peach blend   cream gr thr        frag    
  800. ROSETTA STONE                  MUNSON RW               1992RED         22M  re5.5       EV TETrose self           lemon gr thr    
  801. ROUEN                          MUNSON RW       1990RED         24M  re5         SEVTETrose pink & ivory crbicolor wine cr thr frag    
  802. ROUGED TALISMAN                MUNSON RW          1978GRE     198126EM re5         EV TETpeach yellow rose   burgundy rose ez
  803. ROYAL AMBASSADOR               MUNSON RW               1976GRE         26EM re6         EV TETred self            gold thr    
  804. ROYAL CHIFFON                  MUNSON RW               1988BLU         24EM   5         EV TETivory shaded flesh  blend gr thr    
  805. ROYAL EMISSARY                 MUNSON RW               1983GRE         30EM re5         SEVTETred self            yell gr thr    
  806. ROYAL EXCHEQUER                MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198724ML   4.5       DORTETred self w red &    yell gr thr    
  807. ROYAL FUSILIER                 MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28M  re5         SEVTETred self            gr gold thr    
  808. ROYAL HEIRESS                  MUNSON RW          1982GRE         24EM re6         EV TETburgundy w chalky   cr burgundy ez    
  809. ROYAL HERITAGE                 MUNSON RW               1978GRE         32M  re6         SEVTETviolet plum w chalkyviolet ez    
  810. ROYAL INTRIGUE                 MUNSON RW               1992RED         24EM re4.5       EV TETlilac plum w chalky lilac ez    
  811. ROYAL LEGACY                   MUNSON RW               1983GRE         24ML re6         DORTETyellow cream self   lemon thr    
  812. ROYAL LIMOGES                  MUNSON RW               1973GRE         30M  re6         EV TETpale coral self     lt apricot thr    
  813. ROYAL MANDARIN                 MUNSON RW               1980GRE         24M  re5         DORTETred self            yell thr    
  814. ROYAL REFLECTIONS              MUNSON RW         1973GRE     197428M  re5         EV TETcoral bittersweet   blend gold thr    
  815. ROYAL ROGUE                    MUNSON RW               1983GRE         30M  re6         SEVTETred self            yell gr thr    
  816. ROYAL SARACEN                  MUNSON RW               1982GRE         26EM re6         EV TETlight purple self   cr chart thr    
  817. ROYAL TRUMPETER                MUNSON RW        1981GRE     198230ML   6         SEVTETorange coral w red  orange ez    
  818. RUE DE LAPE                    MUNSON RW               1989RED     199324EM re5         EV TETrose pink self      gr thr    
  819. RUFFLED DUDE                   MUNSON RW       1986BLU         20EM re5         EV TETcream self          chart thr           frag    
  820. RUFFLED LEMON LACE             MUNSON RW    1990RED     199124EM re5         EV TETlemon yellow self   chart thr           frag
  821. RUFFLES ELEGANTE               MUNSON RW     1980GRE         32ML re5         SEVTETlilac pink          gold gr thr         frag    
  822. RUSSIAN RHAPSODY               MUNSON RW               1973GRE     197430M  re6         SEVTETviolet purple self  yell thr    
  823. RUWENZORI                      MUNSON RW           1973YEL         30M  re5         EV TETmauve lav edged     ivory w purple ez    
  824. SADI LOU                      MUNSON 1973    
  825. SAFFRON ROBES                  MUNSON RW      1992RED         20EM re5         SEVTETcoral apricot self  gr thr              frag    
  826. SAINT MARTIN MANGO             MUNSON RW     1996UNK     199626ML re5         EV TETivory melon cr self lt melon cr halo    fra
  827. SAINT MORITZ                   MUNSON RW       1986BLU         26EM re5         SEVTETivory white self    cr gr thr           frag   ext
  828. SALZBURG                       MUNSON RW               1990RED     199320EM re4.5       SEVTETred self            yell gr thr    
  829. SAMSARA SANDS                  MUNSON RW               1992RED         22EM re6         SEVTETapricot blush self  gold thr    
  830. SAMURAI SILK                   MUNSON RW               1973GRE     197526M    6         EV TETrose red w chalky   rose ez gold thr
  831. SAMURAI'S TEMPLE               MUNSON RW               1990RED         26EM re6         SEVTETred self            gr thr    
  832. SANOMA FALLS                   MUNSON RW               1997UNK         24M  re5.5       EV TETgrape purple lighterhalo yell to gr thr
  833. SARACEN SILK                   MUNSON RW               1973GRE     197530M  re5         EV TETrose red self       gold thr    
  834. SARI                           MUNSON RW               1973YEL         26M  re6         SEVDIPorchid self         cream thr    
  835. SAROYA                     MUNSON RW               1995UNK     199530M  re6         EV TETcream peach self    chart cream thr     frag
  836. SATIN SIREN                    MUNSON RW               1978GRE         28ML   5         SEVTETdark red self       gr gold thr    
  837. SATISFACTION                MUNSON EC 1953    DIP
  838. SAVILLE ROW                    MUNSON RW               1991RED         28M  re6         EV TETdeep lav w chalky   lav ez lemon gr thr
  839. SAVOY                          MUNSON RW               1986BLU         26EM re5         EV TETcream pink self     yell gr thr         frag
  840. SAVVY                          MUNSON RW               1986BLU         28EM re6         EV TETcream yellow self   yell gr thr         frag
  841. SCARAMOUCHE             MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197728M  re6         EV TETpale magenta        burgundy purple ez
  842. SCARBOROUGH FAIR               MUNSON RW               1969YEL         28M    7         EV TETrose peach w mauve  w gold gr thr
  843. SCARLET CHALICE                MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198726M  re5         SEVTETscarlet self        gold gr thr    
  844. SCARLET CRANE                  MUNSON RW               1990RED         28EM re5.5       SEVTETbright red self     yell gr thr    
  845. SEA GODDESS                    MUNSON RW               1984BLU         26M  re6         EV TETcream self          cr gr thr           frag
  846. SEA URCHIN                     MUNSON RW               1990RED     199124EM re5         EV TETrose mauve edged    gold w yell gr thr
  847. SECRET GARDEN              MUNSON RW               1969YEL     196930M  re7         EV TETpeach pink w mauve  rose halo gold thr
  848. SELMA TIMMONS                  MUNSON RW               1987BLU     198818EM re4.5       SEVTETapricot pink self   apricot thr    
  849. SEMIRAMIDE                     MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198428EM   5         DORTETclaret wine w chalkywine ez yell gr thr
  850. SERENE HIGHNESS           MUNSON RW               1977GRE     198020M  re6         EV TETcream self          cr gr thr           frag
  851. SERENE SERENADE           MUNSON RW      1986BLU         24M  re6         EV TETpink cream          cr gr thr           frag   ext
  852. SERENGETI                 MUNSON RW       1987BLU     198826EM re6         EV TETpeach sand & ivory  blend yell gr thr   frag   ext
  853. SHIBUI SPLENDOR                MUNSON RW       1974GRE     197620EM re6         EV DIPpink self           chart thr           frag    
  854. SHIMMERING GODDESS             MUNSON RW       1983GRE         26EM re6         EV TETcream pink self     cr gr thr           frag
  855. SHINTO ETCHING                 MUNSON RW  1989RED     199026EM re5.5       EV TETpeach mauve cr yell & lem iv bicolor    frag
  856. SHISHEDO                       MUNSON RW               1988BLU     199020EM re5         EV TETpink self           gr thr    
  857. SHOWPIECE                      MUNSON RW       1965YEL         26EM re7         EV DIPyell gold overlaid  melon gr gold thr   frag    
  858. SIAMESE ROYALTY                MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198224EM re5         EV TETwine red self       cr gold thr    
  859. SIBERIAN PLUM                  MUNSON RW      1983GRE         26M  re6         SEVTETplum purple self    yell gr thr         frag    
  860. SILK BROCADE                   MUNSON RW               1973GRE         24M  re5         EV TETrose mauve self     large cr thr    
  861. SILVER ICE                     MUNSON RW      1983GRE         25EM re5         SEVTETpale lavender self  cream thr           frag    
  862. SILVER MIST                    MUNSON RW               1962YEL     196334EM             EV DIPsilver chart self   deep gr thr    
  863. SILVER POTENTATE               MUNSON RW  1978GRE     197830EM re6         EV TETsilver lilac self   cream thr           frag   ext
  864. SILVER SCREEN                  MUNSON RW      1986BLU         24EM re6         SEVTETlilac blue self     cr thr                     ext
  865. SILVER SPRITE                  MUNSON RW         1983GRE         20M  re5         EV TETlavender self       cream thr    
  866. SILVER TROPHY                MUNSON            1996UNK         30M  re6         SEVTETcream white self    gr thr              frag   ext
  867. SILVER TWILIGHT                MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28EM re5         SEVTETpale lilac self     cr thr              frag
  868. SILVER VEIL                    MUNSON RW               1977GRE         28EM re5         EV TETpale lilac self     cr thr    
  869. SILVER WINE                    MUNSON RW               1976GRE         30EM re5         SEVTETsilver wine self    cr gold thr         frag
  870. SILVERSTONE                    MUNSON RW               1989RED         28EM re5         EV TETlilac self          chart thr    
  871. SIMPLY GRAND                   MUNSON RW       1984BLU         28ML re6         EV TETcreamy pearl self   chart thr           frag    
  872. SIMPLY HEAVEN                  MUNSON RW      1992RED     199228ML re6         EV TETpeach lav w creamy  peach halo gr thr    
  873. SINGAPORE ORCHID               MUNSON RW        1987BLU     198818M  re6         EV TETorchid lav pewter   blend cream gr thr
  874. SIR OLIVER                     MUNSON RW          1980GRE     198028M  re5         EV TETlavender blend      cream halo & thr    frag
  875. SNOW BALLERINA              MUNSON RW         1978GRE     198126EM re5         SEVTETcream white self    yell gr thr         frag
  876. SNOW BLUSH                     MUNSON RW        1990RED     199024ML re5         EV TETiv cr pink self     yell gr thr         frag    
  877. SNOW DIAMOND                   MUNSON RW      1983GRE         28M  re6         EV TETnear wh chart self  cr gr thr           frag    
  878. SNOW SHADOWS                   MUNSON RW   1980GRE     198126ML re5         SEVTETpale lilac self     gr cr thr           frag    
  879. SNOW SHERBET                   MUNSON RW          1984BLU         20EM re6         EV TETivory cream self    yell gr thr         frag
  880. SNOW SWAN                      MUNSON RW               1986BLU         24EM re5         EV TETnear white self     yell thr            frag
  881. SOVEREIGN QUEEN             MUNSON RW        1983GRE     198430M  re6         SEVTETbluish lavender selfcream thr           frag
  882. SPANISH CASTLE                 MUNSON RW               1986BLU     198726EM   4.5       EV DIPivory cr yell self  yell gr thr    
  883. SPANISH JADE                   MUNSON RW         1978GRE     198324EM re6         EV TETyellow gold self    gr thr              frag
  884. SPANISH LEMON              MUNSON RW        1983GRE     198324ML re6         EV TETlemon chart self    lime thr            frag    
  885. SPANISH MASQUERADE             MUNSON RW  1981GRE     198322EM re7         EV DIPcream yell w russet plum ez cr thr      frag
  886. SPANISH MOOR                   MUNSON RW               1986BLU         30ML re5         SEVTETblack purple self   yell gr thr    
  887. SPANISH TREASURE               MUNSON RW         1969YEL         30M  re7         EV DIPgold self                               frag    
  888. SPICE MERCHANT                 MUNSON RW               1983GRE         24M  re5         EV TETpeach rose w rose   ez gr thr    
  889. SPICED MELON                   MUNSON RW      1993RED         26EM re4.5       EV TETapricot self        orange lime thr     frag    
  890. SPICED ORANGE                  MUNSON RW    1978GRE         32M  re5         SEVTETcoral orange self   orange thr          frag    
  891. SPLENDIFEROUS                  MUNSON RW               1986BLU         28M  re5         EV TETpink rose self      cream thr    
  892. SPODE                          MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198432ML re5         EV TETpale pink self      yell thr    
  893. SPRING ALLURE                  MUNSON RW     1996UNK     199624EM re4.5       EV TETiv cr melon self    chart thr           fra
  894. SPRING BALLERINA             MUNSON RW        1982GRE         26EM re7         EV DIPcream pink self     yell thr            frag    
  895. SPRING EXTRAVAGANZA            MUNSON RW   1992RED         22EM re6         EV TETrose salmon blend   chart thr           frag
  896. SPRING WILLOW SONG             MUNSON RW    1983GRE         24EM re6         SEVTETyellow cream self   lemon thr           frag
  897. STATELY BUDDHA                 MUNSON RW        1997UNK         24M    6         EV TETgrape purple self   lemon chart thr    
  898. STRASBOURG                     MUNSON RW    1971YEL         28EM   6         EV TETrose wine w chalky  rose ez cr thr      frag   ext
  899. STRAWBERRY CUPCAKE             MUNSON RW               1992RED         18EM re5         EV TETrose pink self      gr thr    
  900. SULTANS RUBY                   MUNSON RW               1981GRE     198124ML   5         DORTETruby self           gr thr    
  901. SUMMER CHAMPAGNE               MUNSON RW       1995UNK         30M  re6         SEVTETyell cream self     lime chart thr      frag
  902. SUMMER DREAMS                  MUNSON RW     1977GRE         22EM re6         EV TETyellow self         yell cr thr         frag    
  903. SUMMER LILAC                   MUNSON RW       1982GRE     198238L    6         SEVTETorchid lilac w creamlilac ez cream thr    
  904. SUMMER MASQUE              MUNSON RW  1986BLU         30M  re5         EV TETpeach mauve         burgundy ez yell thr       ext
  905. SUN KING                       MUNSON RW        1980GRE     198330EM re6         EV TETgold yellow self    gold thr            frag    
  906. SUN'S GLORY                    MUNSON RW       1986BLU         24EM   4.5       EV TETyellow pink blend   yell gr thr         frag    
  907. SUNSET FIRE                    MUNSON RW               1983GRE         28EM re5         SEVTETorange red self     yell gold thr    
  908. SUSSEX WAY                     MUNSON RW       1989RED     199126EM re6         EV TETlemon self          gr thr              frag    
  909. SUVA                           MUNSON I                1984BLU     198428M  re5         EV TETapricot ivory self  gold gr thr         frag    
  910. SWAGGER                        MUNSON RW               1960YEL     196438M              EV DIPorange self    
  911. SYLVAN DELIGHT                 MUNSON RW       1989RED         24M  re5         EV TETpale pink self      chart thr           frag    
  912. SYLVIA KRAVITZ                 MUNSON RW         1983GRE         30EM re5         EV TETmauve w blue violet ez orange thr    
  913. TADRMINA                       MUNSON RW               1989RED         30EM re6         EV TETburgundy plum self  yell gr thr    
  914. TALI QUEEN                     MUNSON RW               1974GRE         24E  re5         EV TETpale rose deeper    halo yell thr    
  915. TAMIL                          MUNSON RW               1989RED     199022EM re5         SEVTETpurple self         gr thr    
  916. TANG DYNASTY                   MUNSON RW          1973GRE     197630EM re5         EV TETsilvery orchid lav  purple ez cr thr    
  917. TANZANIA                       MUNSON RW               1977GRE     197825EM re5         EV TETpurple self         gold thr    
  918. TASMANIAN CORAL                MUNSON RW         1982GRE         30EM re6         EV TETcoral apricot self  gold gr heart       frag
  919. TEAHOUSE GEISHA              MUNSON RW        1974GRE     197528M  re6         EV TETivory flesh self    ivory thr           fra
  920. TEAHOUSE RAINBOW               MUNSON RW         1977GRE         32EM re6         EV TETcream yellow self   gr thr              FRA
  921. TEAHOUSE TAPESTRY              MUNSON RW               1980GRE     198024EM re6         EV TETmauve w deeper ez   lemon thr
  922. TEMPLE GODDESS                 MUNSON RW               1987BLU     198728EM re7         EV TETflesh salmon self   yell gr thr    
  923. THAILAND GOLD                  MUNSON RW               1991RED     199118EM re5.5       EV TETorange gold blend   olive gold heart
  924. THAIS                        MUNSON RW              1978GRE     198030EM re6         EV TETmauve w slate blue  ez chart thr        frag
  925. Thessaly            MUNSON-R.W  24", 4.5"  mid,evr,tet    raisin plum self with yellow gold throat    
  926. TIFFANY GOLD                   MUNSON RW               1982GRE     198424EM re7         EV DIPpink gold self      gold thr            frag
  927. TIFFANY PALACE               MUNSON RW           1977GRE         28EM re5         EV TETlavender rose self  cr thr              frag
  928. TIMBUKTU                       MUNSON RW               1984BLU     198426ML   5         EV TETtan self            gold thr    
  929. TIME LORD                      MUNSON RW               1983GRE         30EM re6         EV TETcopper rose red     lime gold thr    
  930. TOP NOTCH                      MUNSON RW               1984RED 222 TR  18ML re6         EV TETlilac self          lime chart thr    
  931. TOP NOTCH                      MUNSON RW               1984BLU 215 tra 28EM re6         EV TETsalmon self         yell gr thr    
  932. TOTAL PERFECTION           MUNSON RW            1992RED         18M  re4.5       SEVTETiv blush flesh self gr thr              frag
  933. TOVARICH                       MUNSON RW               1965YEL     196528EM   6         EV DIPdark red            gr thr    
  934. TOY PRINCESS                MUNSON RW               1982GRE         24ML re4.5       EV TETcream pink blend    cr thr              frag
  935. TROPICAL DAWN                  MUNSON RW               1976GRE         36ML re6         DORTETcoral pastel blend  gold thr    
  936. TROPICAL SNOW               MUNSON RW          1978GRE         26M  re5         SEVTETpale flesh self     chart thr           frag    
  937. TROPICAL SPICE                 MUNSON RW               1988BLU     199020EM re6         EV TETcopper coral self   yell gr thr    
  938. TURKISH TAPESTRY               MUNSON RW       1983GRE     198324EM re5         EV TETpurple w black      purple ez lemon thr
  939. TUSCAWILLA                     MUNSON RW        1957GRE 367 TR  26EM re7         EV TETlemon cream self    lemon thr           frag
  940. TWILIGHT CLOUDS                MUNSON RW               1987BLU         22ML re5         EV TETlilac iv pink blend chart thr    
  941. TWILIGHT CREPE                 MUNSON RW          1977GRE         20EM re5         EV DIPpeach yellow blend  yell thr            frag
  942. TWILIGHT MADONNA               MUNSON RW               1982GRE         24M  re6         SEVTETivory lilac self    cr chart thr    
  943. TWILIGHT SWAN                  MUNSON RW        1980GRE     198124M  re5         EV TETpink ice self       cream thr           frag
  944. TWILIGHT TREASURE          MUNSON RW       1974GRE         30M  re6         SEVTETcr pink & yell blendgold thr            frag    
  945. VANILLA CLOUDS               MUNSON RW         1989RED         24EM re6         EV TETcream self          yell gr thr         frag    
  946. VANILLA JADE                   MUNSON RW        1996UNK     199630EM re4.5       EV TETlemon cream self    lime chart thr      frag
  947. VATICAN KNIGHT               MUNSON RW    1971YEL         28M    6         EV TETmauve w mauve plum  rose ez cr thr             ext
  948. VEIL OF KASHMIR              MUNSON RW         1986BLU         28E  re6         EV TETmauve blend         cream thr                  ext
  949. VEILED MAGIC                   MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197424ML re5         EV TETivory flesh self    lemon thr    
  950. VELMA GIBSON                 MUNSON RW      1989RED         18EM re5         EV TETlemon cream self    chart thr           frag    
  951. VELVET PLUM                    MUNSON RW     1976GRE     197728M  re5         DORTETplum purple self    cr yell thr         frag    
  952. VELVET RAIN                    MUNSON RW               1977GRE         26M  re6         EV DIPcream w rose edges  cr thr    
  953. VENETIAN CREPE                 MUNSON RW               1989RED     199028EM re5         EV TETlilac mauve self    yell gr thr    
  954. VENETIAN MAGISTRATE            MUNSON RW     1982GRE     198224EM re5         EV TETmauve lavender      yell chart thr    
  955. VENETIAN MASK                  MUNSON RW        1997UNK         24M  re6.5       EV TETivory lavender pink burgundy wine ez    
  956. VENETIAN SPLENDOR           MUNSON I      1977GRE     197724M  re5         SEVTETpeach yellow &      peach mauve bitone  frag
  957. VENUS DE MILO                MUNSON RW       1990RED     199228EM re5.5       EV TETsalmon peach self   gr thr              frag
  958. VERMILION CLOUDS               MUNSON RW               1974GRE     197630M  re6         EV TETvermilion pastel    
  959. VICTORIA ELIZABETH BARNES      MUNSON RW               1977GRE     197828EM re6         EV TETpink self           yell & gr thr
  960. VICTORIAN CHINA                MUNSON RW               1988BLU         24EM re6         EV TETlavender blend      yell gr thr    
  961. VICTORIAN DAYS                 MUNSON RW               1992RED     199324M  re5         EV TETplum russet self    edged yell gold
  962. VICTORIAN LADY               MUNSON RW          1976GRE     197924M  re5         SEVTETyellow & mauve      blend yell thr      frag
  963. VICTORIAN MASK                 MUNSON RW               1990RED         24M  re5         EV TETlt mauve w burgundy ez cream gr thr
  964. VICTORIAN VISION               MUNSON RW       1991RED         38M  re7         EV TETivory shaded w peachmauve ez            frag
  965. VIENNA SONG                    MUNSON RW         1990RED         24M  re5         EV TETpink orchid blend   yell gr thr         frag    
  966. VINTAGE PORT                   MUNSON RW        1996UNK     199624M  re6.5       EV TETwine purple w chalkyplum ez yell gr thr
  967. VINTAGE WINE                   MUNSON RW               1976GRE     197632EM re6         EV TETwine purple         chalky plum ez
  968. VIOLET JADE                    MUNSON I                1977GRE     197828EM re6         EV TETviolet self         yell gr thr    
  969. VIOLET SUNRISE                 MUNSON RW               1996UNK     199620M  re6         EV TETviolet wine w pink  violet ez    
  970. VIRTUOSO                       MUNSON RW               1969YEL         22M  re5         EV TETrose salmon blend   gold thr    
  971. VISCOUNT                       MUNSON RW               1989RED         26EM re6         SEVTETlav w chalky ez     yell gr thr    
  972. VIVACIOUS                      MUNSON RW     1966YEL     196620M    5         DORDIPsilver rose self    yell gr thr                ext    
  973. VIZCAYA                        MUNSON RW        1973YEL         29M  re7         EV TETmelon cream self    cream thr           frag    
  974. VOLTAIRE                       MUNSON RW          1990RED     199322ML re5         SEVTETviolet edged ivory  cr w chalky wm    
  975. VOODOO PRIEST                  MUNSON RW               1983GRE         26M  re6         SEVTETpurple self         yell gr thr    
  976. VRONSKY                        MUNSON RW      1986BLU         30M    6         SEVTETcherry red self     yell gr thr                ext    
  977. WAR FLAMES                     MUNSON RW               1989RED         26EM re6         SEVTETred self            gr thr    
  978. WAR MARCH                      MUNSON RW               1974GRE         30M  re6         SEVTETburgundy red self   gr gold thr    
  979. WARRIOR PRINCE                 MUNSON RW   1985BLU     198524EM re5         SEVTETbright red self     gold gr thr         frag    
  980. WATER BIRD                     MUNSON RW  1974GRE     197632EM re5         SEVTETviolet lavender     chalky lav ez       frag    
  981. WATER GOBLIN                   MUNSON RW               1986BLU         24ML re5         EV TETlilac cream blend   yell gr thr    
  982. Water Dragon    
  983. WATER MUSIC                    MUNSON RW               1984BLU         26ML re5         EV TETpink cream blend    yell gr thr    
  984. WEE LAD                             MUNSON I 1977  DIP    DIP
  985. WILBUR HARLING                 MUNSON RW    1976GRE     197726EM re6         EV TETivory cream self    gr thr              frag    
  986. WIND CONCERTO                  MUNSON RW               1976GRE         32M  re5         EV TETlilac pearl self    cr thr    
  987. WINDS OF CHANGE                MUNSON RW               1973GRE         29EM re5         EV TETorchid pink self    gold thr    
  988. WINDSOR WATERMARK              MUNSON RW 1982GRE         26EM re6         EV TETviolet lavender     cream lav ez        frag
  989. WINTER CRANE                   MUNSON RW               1984BLU         26EM re6         SEVTETnear white w lav    cr chart thr    
  990. WINTER REVERIE                 MUNSON RW     1980GRE     198222M  re5         SEVTETpale lilac self     cream thr           frag
  991. WONDROUS                       MUNSON RW  1986BLU         22EM re4.5       SEVTETivory self          cream gr thr        frag    
  992. WRAPPED IN GOLD                MUNSON RW               1992RED         24EM re5         EV TETrose amber blend    edged yell gold
  993. YASMIN                         MUNSON RW      1969YEL     197130EM re6         SEVTETyellow & flesh blenddarker peach ez     frag
  994. ZENOBIA                        MUNSON RW               1971YEL         26M  re5         SEVTETcream pink self                                ext
  995. ZORBA                          MUNSON RW               1969YEL         30M  re6         EV TETred self